Parents File Complaint Against Covid-19 Vaccine After Deaths of Three Minors: Hypertrophic Heart Disease and Cardiac Arrhythmia Suspected

Parents File Complaint Against Covid-19 Vaccine After Deaths of Three Minors: Hypertrophic Heart Disease and Cardiac Arrhythmia Suspected

Their names are Juan José Quirós López, Marvellous Ounanefe Johnson Andrews y Daniel Herce Rodríguez. They were 12, 13 and 14 years old, respectively. No previous history of pathologies. They died suddenly from hypertrophic heart disease – the first two – and cardiac arrhythmia. Their parents, who assure THE OBJECTIVE that they were “perfectly healthy” before the inoculation, attribute it to the vaccine against Covid-19and this same Thursday they have filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office for homicide due to serious imprudence, genetic manipulation, threats, coercion, public health, prevarication, against moral integrity with damage to life and abuse of authority.

This medium has accompanied the parents to file the complaint, which has been drafted by the Liberum Associationand which is directed against the former Ministers of Health Salvador Illa y Carolina Darias. In the aftermath, have gone to the Ministry located on Madrid’s Paseo del Prado to hand it over with the intention of having their cases investigated. They have been asking for it for a year, but it has been in vain.

“We want justice to be done, and for more parents to join our complaint,” they sob before this journalist. Daniel He died suddenly while lying on the couch at home.. “I thought he had fallen asleep, but then he didn’t get up,” recalls Diana, his mother. Her son had been inoculated with batch FG7898, which has reported adverse effects. Marvelous and Juan José, on the other hand, They had injected themselves with the same batch of the Pfizer vaccine, FG9428.. Both died suddenly, one playing soccer and the other in the school yard.

Daniel Herce (14 years old), Marvelous Ounanefe Johnson Andrews (13) and Juan José Quirós (12).

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The complaint, to which THE OBJECTIVE has had access in its entirety, regrets that “the administrations and health authorities want them to believe [los padres] that these deaths should be classified as natural deaths, and that the possibility of the recognized adverse effect of the COVID-19 vaccines has not even been considered, so that, furthermore, one of the minors [Juan] became infected with SARS-CoV-2, after two inoculations, testing positive for the PCR post mortem».

The parents denounce that their descendants were “perfectly healthy”, and who only began to experience respiratory complications after inoculation. “My child began to suffocate when he was running, it had never happened to him before,” says Soledad, representing the parents of the young man from Malaga, who are still too “affected” to have been able to appear at the Prosecutor’s Office. She still cries when, when reviewing the text of the complaint, she sees the image of her nephew’s corpse.

A “natural death”?

The parents denounce that the only explanation they received is that their children, minors, had died “naturally”, and that it was probably due to a “hereditary” issue. «How can it be natural for a 12-year-old boy, an athlete, to die suddenly?», he cries Soledad, Juan José’s aunt. TO FélixMarvelous’s father, has already undergone numerous cardiac tests.

“It seems that The Institute of Legal Medicine is desperately looking for one of the parents to have a heart condition.», denounces Alexis Aneas, a Liberum attorney representing the complainants. He remembers that Félix’s son “had federation recognition in September and they declared him fit to play.” He died in December. The complaint states that the deceased’s heart was “increased in size”: 480 grams when it should have been around 344.

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“Pfizer recognized early on that there had been tens of thousands of effects of myocarditis in young people», recalls Aneas, who is also an expert in health issues, which abounds: «It makes sense because the age group where pathologies appear is 12 to 15 years old, who received the adult dose. From 5 to 11, the vaccine has one third of the composition. The condition can occur because the Spike protein that is replicated by the vaccine lodges in the receptors of the heart tissue and generates an autoimmune disease, which causes thickening of the myocardium, which is known as pericarditis or arrhythmia.

Effects of covid vaccines

Alexis Aneas also wonders “how it is going to be natural for a child athlete to die from an arrhythmia.” The Liberum spokesperson says that they are “fed up with administrations telling us that people die by chance,” and points to Daniel’s case. “He had neuronal damage that could be due to the fact that the substance generates prions that cross the brain barrier, as demonstrated by a study that we attach to the complaint,” he suspects, since “what we want to be investigated.”

The complaint is also directed against the president of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), Silvia Calzónand the director, María Jesús Lamasas well as to “any other authority that, as a result of the investigative actions, criminal liability arises for the facts reported.”

In this, it is charged against Pfizer y Modern, stating that «according to the clinical trial, in the vaccinated group, eight cases of COVID-19 were recorded out of a total of 18,198 participants 7 days after receiving the second dose; while in the placebo group, 162 cases were recorded among 18,325 participants.

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With these data the laboratory announced a 95% effectiveness of the vaccine compared to those not inoculated. But from Liberum they denounce that “this way of expressing the effectiveness of a medication is biased and misleading”: “In absolute terms, the reality was that the incidence of CRP+ had been 0.8% in the placebo group (162/18,325) , compared to 0.04% of the vaccinated group (8/18,198), a difference of 0.76%». Based on this data, they ask “why children had to be vaccinated, when the best interests of the minor should prevail, if they are not a reservoir of this disease.”

Calling more parents

This is the first complaint in which parents ask the authorities to account for the death of their infants after inoculation against Covid-19. He Seville newspaper reported last June how at least seven people have reported serious injuries to Health after receiving any of the doses of the remedy against the coronavirus. One of them, represented by the law firm Fernando Osunaclaimed more than a million euros for having lost “97% of his vision”, in addition to having limitations in his legs.

The intention of the complaint is also to call other parents who find themselves in a similar situation to action. “These three deaths of young athletes, or performing physical activity, are not the only ones in our country,” reads the complaint, which exposes dozens of cases, with screenshots from journalistic publications, of deaths of other minors doing sports.

From the Liberum Association they ask the health authorities a question: «How many more deceased children do they need to start investigating?».

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