Parental insurance: more money for thousands of young families

Tens of thousands of households will benefit from a significant increase in their parental leave benefit, to mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic on young families, the government announced on Saturday morning.

“The year was still quite difficult for a lot of families, for a lot of young parents. In the health context, many have teleworked, and with a view to reconciling family and work, this was not always easy. There are also some who have been financially affected by the measures, ”explains Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity.

To further support families, the ministry will improve the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) by increasing the weekly benefit to at least $ 500, until September 25, 2021.

More than 41,000 providers

More than 41,000 households will receive an average bonus of $ 6,300 during their maternity, paternity or adoption leave, estimates the Minister, which equals a total of nearly $ 260 million.

“It’s a generous helping hand, and it confirms that for us, the quality of life of families is at the heart of our priorities,” he explains.

In addition, these temporary adjustments will apply retroactively since September 27, which means that approximately 7,500 files will receive the difference between the amount allocated to them and the minimum $ 500 per week, for an average of $ 925 per provider.

Like the rest of Canada

With this announcement, the Quebec government wants to offer its citizens the same benefits as elsewhere in the other provinces in Canada, following changes made by the federal government to several benefits.

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“This is a temporary measure to ensure fairness with the rest of Canada,” comments Mr. Boulet. We want to ensure that our families, our parents, will benefit from the same advantages. “

In Quebec, nearly nine out of 10 births give rise to a benefit payment, underlines the Minister.

► Quebec is the only Canadian province that has had its own parental insurance plan for almost 15 years.

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