Parent Counselor: Don’t make your dreams come true in your kids by pressuring them academically

Dr. Bahia Hamidi, a mental health consultant, has sent a message to parents to prevent the idea of ​​their children’s suicide, after it has spread widely in our society in recent days, especially after the news of the suicide of “a young man from Alexandria – Sameh Muhammad” was disseminated and posted on social media.

suicide letters

The mental health counselor indicated, in televised statements, saying: ‘I get a lot of messages on my page from teenagers who say they are about to commit suicide, and when I talk to them, I find that the reason is that the family is not listening to them.. This is because they are busy all day and don’t listen to their children.

Dr. Bahia Hamidi commented on Sameh Muhammad’s latest suicide, noting that he just needed someone to listen to him, but sadly most psychiatrists are short on time, regarding the doctor’s phrase “the spirit of suicide”, emphasizing that it is impossible for a psychiatrist to say this sentence to a patient.

severe depression

The mental health counselor added that from the writing method of the suicide letter, it is clear that he suffered from severe depression, although he is a successful person, as he recommended to his friends to continue his work even after his death. , and a large percentage that the family is the cause of his death and not the psychiatrist.

Dr. Bahia Hamidi concluded her speech with advice to parents, don’t make your dreams come true in your children by pressuring them academically, and it is better to provide part of their day to their children and listen well to them so that none of them get into a state of severe depression, ultimately leading to suicide.

Interestingly, the suicide of a young man named Sameh Muhammad from Alexandria became widespread, as he posted on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that he allegedly committed suicide, and his psychiatrist was among the reasons .

She warns of suicide

Al-Isboa warns against suicide, asking those having such thoughts to go to a psychiatrist in an attempt to sort out their problems, and what they may be exposed to, and to think positively about the continuity of life God has granted to the man, and go to the specialized doctor, and present himself to the interested parties to solve the problem.

The state is working to provide support to the mentally ill, through more than one hotline, to help those who have psychological problems or wish to commit suicide, in particular: the hotline of the General Secretariat for Mental Health, in the Ministry of Health and Population, to receive psychological inquiries and psychological support, and support those who wish to commit suicide, through the number 08008880700, 0220816831, around the clock.

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