Parcoursup 2021: Student Testimonials and Reactions to the Verdict

The long-awaited verdict of Parcoursup has just fallen. Behind their screens, thousands of young Bretons experienced a delicate moment. As well as their parents. Joy, uncertainty or disappointment, in any case they will remember it. Some have agreed to share their reactions and emotions with us. Testimonials.

They were supposed to arrive at 7 p.m. but in the end, Parcoursup’s results got a head start. It is 6 p.m. when Mathieu logs on. The general terminal student at Brocéliande de Guer high school in Morbihan is surprised to see them fall. “One hour less to stress” he observes.

A phrase that is far from trivial. Passionate about sports journalism, he naturally put the IUT Infocom de Lannion in first choice in Parcoursup, which is one of the few journalism schools to recruit directly at the BAC level. There are only 28 places so it’s a bit of anxiety.

The cleaver falls. He is not admitted to Lannion. But he quickly discovers that he is nevertheless admitted in 3 wishes out of the 10 formulated, which is rather “quite satisfactory” as he says: an Infocom license in Arradon-Vannes, another in Niort and a BTS communication in Ploemeur.

It’s hard, tonight, we can’t even see where we are placed in the waiting list.


Final year student at Guer

For the rest, he is on the waiting list, for example in STAPS and Infocom license at Rennes 2. Something bothers him: “It’s hard, tonight, we can’t even see where we are placed in the waiting list, he comments. Hot, like that, I don’t know at all what I’m going to choose. And I have 72 hours to decide. it’s short all the same.

Parents are sometimes at a loss to help their children make a choice on a platform to which they have a hard time getting used to. This is the case of Sandrine, Mathieu’s mother: “In February, we had a two-hour meeting on Parcoursup. I didn’t understand anything. We were all completely lost, relate-t-elle. It’s very complex. Especially since this year, there was also the new baccalaureate reform. Me again, I wasn’t too stressed because Mathieu really took charge and managed everything on his own. But it’s still a jungle where we are almost abandoned”.

Others feel like fish in water in this jungle. Because everything is simple. This is the case for Ambre, in her final year at Harteloire high school in Brest, who would like to study philosophy later.

It’s really the conclusion and the purpose of the final year, more than the bac finally


Terminal student in Brest

She wanted the preparatory letters in Kérichen and she had the preparatory letters in Kerichen. “I’m very happy. It allows you to project yourself a little more. I worked a lot for that, she says. It’s really the conclusion and the purpose of the final year, more than the bac in the end”she adds, admitting all the same, in half words, having looked at the results alone on the platform, before calling her parents who were not far away.

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Alfred slept badly last night. He is in his final year at Amiral Ronarc’h high school in Brest, Finistère. His specialties at the baccalaureate: HGGSP (History-geo, geopolitics and political science) and English contemporary world. He passed the Sciences Po network competition last April.

His wishes also include an admission to law at the University of Rennes, audiovisual BTS alternately. Between all this, his heart swings. “None of my wishes are made out of spite or lack thereof. They are carefully considered and only in areas that interest me” he testifies.

Despite everything, the platform is a source of anxiety: “It’s blurry and stressful. There is no serenity. We have the feeling, with Parcoursup, that even college is becoming less accessible. That’s the impression it gives. Suddenly, it creates stress “. This evening, Alfred experienced disappointment: he is on the waiting list and some of his wishes have been refused.

And then there are those who do not fit into the boxes. This is the case of Arthur, an excellent student but who has a different project: to do a one-year civic service mission in Germany, in Kiel (twinned city with Brest) and then study there. And there “it was crossing the desert”he acknowledges.

“On Parcoursup, nothing was planned for that, he observes. Did I still have to register for administrative reasons? Asking for a gap year or not asking anything on Parcoursup, which is ultimately not possible? Even the guidance counselor couldn’t answer me… My feeling is that in the context of studies abroad, Parcoursup is relatively useless. There is a void. It is a machine that is not suitable for atypical profiles” he concludes.

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Tonight, many high school students will fall asleep with questions in their heads.

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