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[Heaven 2M]Gludin Hunting Guide

NCSOFT’s mobile game “Paradise 2M” announced today (18) that it will open role reservations, blood alliance creation, and early access to mini games on February 25. It also announced an online press conference on that day.

“Paradise 2M” inherits the characteristics of the well-known online game “Paradise 2”, and combines the original storyline, and is innovative and optimized for the smartphone platform. It presents detailed 3D game graphics with the highest level of 4K picture quality in mobile games. The large-scale open world with seamless downloads achieved by new technologies has made many players look forward to it, and the advance reservation has set a million reservation results as soon as it is launched.

NCSOFT said that for the majority of players who support “Lineage 2M”, role reservations will be opened on February 25. The appointment to create a character will be carried out on the official website of “Lineage 2M”. After the player selects the server they want to play, they can start to create the character’s race, occupation and enter the character name. In addition to the characters that have appeared in the original “Paradise 2”, you can also choose a brand new class that uses[Magic Ball]weapons. After the character is created, activities such as pre-blood alliance creation and mini games can be carried out.

In addition to the preview of the role and the upcoming establishment of the blood alliance, the official said that an online press conference will be held at the same time on the 25th. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the press conference will be held in South Korea and will be broadcast live in Taiwan and Japan. The Taiwanese launch plan of “Paradise 2M” will be announced on the same day, as well as exciting game content. Players looking forward to this game should not miss it!

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Online press conference of “Paradise 2M” on February 25

For the upcoming role reservations and blood alliance creation activities, “Paradise 2M” will cooperate with 12 popular live hosts to launch the “Popular Blood League PK Contest”; it will be composed of ordinary people, Miss Tiancai, Niya, Yuexi, Xiao Xu, Ding Te , MMD, Butterfly, Ximen Yeshuo, Xargon, Xia Ai Juzi and UZRA lead the creation of a blood alliance, invite all players to fight together and win rewards! Please pay attention to the official news for detailed activities.

In the mini game that will be released on the 25th, you can experience the classic production and enhancement system of “Heaven 2M”. Players can use the mini game to craft and strengthen weapons, and use points to earn mini game points and redeem for in-game item rewards. It will be sent to the character account created in advance when the game is launched in the future.

What is[Enhanced System]? It means that you can gain additional abilities through enhanced items; some items will be given stronger abilities according to the stage of enhancement, but when the enhancement fails, the items will also disappear. When strengthening weapons, armors, and accessories, the corresponding “enhancement scroll” is required. Each equipment has a different “safety enhancement value”, and within this range, it can be 100% enhanced. Equipment outside the scope of the enhancement “safety enhancement value” will have a risk of failure. When the enhancement fails, the equipment will also disappear.

In addition to the enhancement system, there is also the[refining system]through hunting monsters, you can randomly obtain “Life Stones”, you can refine weapons and armors, and you can randomly obtain abilities after refining. The number of refining abilities that can be obtained varies according to the level of equipment. You can check the refining abilities available in the refining tab. Refined items cannot be placed in the collection. The cursed life stone must be used to remove the refinement before being placed in the collection.

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[Crafting system]is the opportunity to obtain materials by performing tasks or hunting monsters. After collecting a specified number of materials, you can make various items. In the crafting menu, there is a crafting list of weapons, armors, accessories and other items. After clicking on each crafted item, you can confirm the required materials and quantity.

[Item Collection]By collecting items and registering in the collection, you can obtain the designated ability. After registering items in the collection and completing the collection conditions, the character will get additional abilities. In the collection menu or item details, you can use the “Login” menu to confirm the collection conditions. After reading the brief introduction of growth and collection, let’s also learn about the hunting guide of Gludin Hunting Ground!

“Paradise 2M” presents detailed 3D game graphics with the highest level of 4K picture quality among smart phone games, and the highest quality presentation will start from[PURPLE]! PURPLE is the only officially authorized and supported application tool that can be used for cross-platform remote control. As long as PURPLE is installed on the computer and mobile phone, you can connect remotely from the mobile phone and directly control the games opened by the computer PURPLE. In addition, PURPLE will also automatically synchronize with the characters and chats of “Lineage 2M”, so you can easily chat with allies even if you are not online. Playing “Paradise 2M” through PURPLE is smoother, and more new features will be added in the future to provide players with convenient services. Please also look forward to it.

NCSOFT also released the opening theme OST of “Heaven 2M”[The Call of Destiny 2 Game Ver.]MV. “Paradise 2” ending theme song will reappear with the opening theme of “Paradise 2M”!

The first music in the OST series of “Heaven 2M”, with a melody composed by a magnificent orchestra, shows the magnificent world in the game “Heaven 2M”. In OST, express the firm spirit of blood alliance through singing, and show everyone the emotion and hope of the game. This MV was shot in the historic American recording studio[Ocean Way Studios]and was invited to record with Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra and symphony orchestras who have participated in Last of Us, God of War 3, Monster Hunter World. And the Korean Arts Comprehensive School choir and Budapest Scoring Choir from Hungary participated together, hoping to bring you an unprecedented musical feast.

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“Heaven 2M” opening theme song “Call of Destiny 2-Game Version”

“Paradise 2M” pre-login and dual-platform appointments are ongoing. As long as you participate in the appointment, you can get exclusive rewards after the game is launched. NCSOFT said that it is currently preparing for the launch of “Lineage 2M”. Players who love this game should not miss it!



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