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Parades in Europe against anti-Covid measures

Demonstrations in several Europeans to denounce the restrictions in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. Some denounce the vaccines, others demand the lifting of containment measures.

In several countries in Europe, demonstrations were organized this Saturday to denounce the restrictive measures in the face of the pandemic.

Meetings often at high risk since these protesters oppose the wearing of masks, physical distancing and any type of barrier gesture yet advocated by health authorities around the world.

England, Germany …

Thousands of protesters marched through the British capital London to express their fed up.

But it is at Cassel, in Germany that the demonstrators were the most numerous. And the most virulent, too. Clashes broke out with the police. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters.

Other gatherings were organized in Suisse, in Belgium, in Austria, in Croatia or in Bulgaria, in Romania, in Poland et en Finland.

So many mobilizations that testify to the weariness of the populations in the face of the pandemic, but also the mistrust of health officials.

Some denounce the interest of vaccines, others demand the reopening of establishments closed because of confinement.

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