“Parade of cars at walking pace”

Alitalia chaos, workers in procession by car to the headquarters of Ita. After today’s assembly in front of the Compagnia building, with hundreds of workers present, i Alitalia employees en masse they moved directly to the Ita headquarters in via delle Arti, to the EUR in Rome: now a procession of cars of Alitalia workers is proceeding at a walking pace on the Fiumicino-Rome, in the direction of Eur, under the headquarters of Ita.

The whole stretch is currently blocked. In the meantime, a hundred workers have already gathered under the Ita headquarters, with slogans and flags. A smoke bomb was also lit. The police guarding the company’s headquarters are in riot gear with shields and batons. From some vehicles – it is learned – the union flags are visible from the windows.

After yesterday’s assembly and garrison organized outside Terminal 3 by Cub Trasporti and Air Crew Committee, the confederal organizations Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl, together with the autonomous USB union, had convened a another 5 hours today, from 1pm to 6pm, at the Alitalia technical area. On the agenda: the request for an extension of the CIGS until 2025 (this and more will be discussed in the new meeting between Ita and the unions scheduled for today at 3 pm, ed); a comparison on the definition of the maintenance and handling tender notice; the occupational protection of aviation, maintenance and handling workers and delays in the disbursement of the Air Transport Solidarity Fund (Fsta).

“At the moment there is no dialogue platform. We will update workers on the situation and what is happening in the meetings. And we will also try to understand what the will of the workers is», Said at Fiumicino airport the national secretary Filt Cgil Fabrizio Cuscito at the opening of the assembly of Alitalia workers. «We reiterate that the redundancy fund is needed, until 2025, for all Alitalia workers who do not fall within the perimeter. Action is also needed both on the industrial level to hire more people and also on the contracts for the company’s adhesion to the national collective labor agreement. And above all, we reject unilateral actions. We hope that Ita understands that to work and find solutions you need to share them, work together in a calm and constructive way. We also want to understand the fate of maintenance and handling ».

In turn, Francesco Alfonsi, Ugl national secretary, stressed that «workers have every right to know what the level of negotiations is, which is in a very difficult moment. We tried to work on some counter-proposals and for this reason we asked Ita to extend the start of the meeting to 6 pm, therefore after the assembly with the workers, thus having their mandate. The positions are currently unapproachable. We absolutely need to accompany the negotiations with a Cig until 2025, which is not only on the table of Ita but also of the Government and the commissioners. This is the junction of the real negotiation, to be able to secure the 10,500 people in perspective ».

«This is not just a dispute of Alitalia but of all air transport. The protest must be extended to the whole sector because the consequences, in cascade, will be for many companies. The dispute must be managed as a category and we must not divide ourselves », the outburst in Fiumicino of an Alitalia maintenance sector worker during the assembly in front of the Company’s building. There are many appeals for the mobilization and involvement of other workers: “Chats and PC keyboards are not enough, but everyone takes to the streets», the anger of a flight attendant. The municipal administration of Fiumicino, with the councilor Anna Maria Anselmi, brought support and solidarity to the workers.

Last updated: Wednesday 8 September 2021, 6:24 pm



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