“Paracetamol” generic drug at home. Eat too much. It’s dangerous. It may cause liver failure. I don’t know.

“Paracetamol” generic home remediesthat many people are familiar with Many homes are also attached to use to reduce fever andrelieve painIn everyday life, it isdrugeasily accessible and classified asdrugthat doesn’tdangerous At the same time, if usingdrugincorrect, may causedangerousYes, today there is information about the use.paracetamol that’s right After eating, the headache will be gone and it will not bedangerouscontinuelivertoo

Mechanism of action ofdrug “Paracetamol”

paracetamolact by inhibitingchemicalsome inbrainof human beings, which are related topain such as prostaglandins (Prostaglandin) and will induce a reduction mechanism.temperatureor reduce the body’s fever


  • In taking one pill, usedrugSize 10-15 mg/body weight (kg)
  • Take 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours.
  • Do not take more than 8 tablets per day or 4 grams per day.
  • It can be eaten before or after a meal.
  • be careful inpatientwith impaired liver function or underweight as it may be necessary to adjust the sizedrug
  • isdrugsymptomatic treatment If there is no pain or fever no need to eatdrug
  • in case of forgetting to eatdrug Can eat as soon as I remember. without increasing the sizedrug

Problems encountered in usingdrug “Paracetamol” usedrugagain and again

to eatparacetamoloverdose for a long time may result inliverimpaired functioning, especially eatingdrugtogether withalcohol will increase the risk of symptomshepatitismore


to eatparacetamolEach time, specify that you have to eat.drugSize 1-2 tablets. If you eat more than 2 tablets, look at the body weight ofpatientThat is related to the dose of 10-15 mg / body weight (kg) or not, if the body weight.patientcalculated and more than 10-15 mg/body weight (kg) means overdose will cause liver risks as well as usedrugagain and again

paracetamol pictures

usedrugeven without symptoms

found that some people usedrugeven without symptoms such as eatingdrugTrap first to prevent fever. even though there is no fever This is considered unreasonable drug use. and does not cause effective treatment It may also result in side effects from the medication.

symptoms of useparacetamoloverdose

Symptoms of overdose appear in 1-3 days. There are 3 stages in total:

  • Stage 1 Nausea vomit Anorexia, short-term sweating, occurring within 24 hours, some may have no symptoms.
  • Stage II: 24 to 48 hours after taking the drug, no symptoms are present. But when the blood is drawn, it is found that the enzyme transaminase The increase in transaminase, an enzyme that indicates liver injury.
  • Phase 3 after eatingdrug48 hours ago, symptomshepatitis squeamish vomit hungry again have complications likehepatitisGeneral, if severe, may have symptomsbraindeteriorated from diseaseliver anddiedcan if not treated in a timely manner

Contraindications/cautions for useparacetamol

  • If there is a working conditionliverabnormal, consult a doctor before usedrugalways
  • Do not usedrugwith the loserparacetamolAllergic reactions to the drug include rash, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath.
  • Do not use expired medication

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