Paquetà not called: negotiation underway between Milan and Lyon, the details | First page

A clue that could not go unnoticed. Failure to call Lucas Paquetà for tomorrow’s match on the field of Shamrock Rovers, valid for the second qualifying round of the Europa League, is not based only on a technical choice by Stefano Pioli. Inside, it hides clear and obvious market reasons: in the background, in fact, there is Lyon, which raises the pressure for the Brazilian midfielder. In recent days the first contacts with Eduardo Uram, agent of the former Flamengo, now the real beginning of the negotiation.

THE LAST – That Paquetà is out is no mystery. That the French club likes it, either. Fault, if that can be defined, di Juninho Pernambucano, director of OL, for whom Paquetà is a real passion. To convince Milan, to date, at least 22-23 million euros are needed, the same amount recorded in the budget. First, however, Lyon need to give up and make cash: the post-Covid crisis and the early closure of the last Ligue 1 are making themselves felt. Outgoing are Memphis Depay, towards Barcelona, ​​and Reine-Adélaïde. At the moment, wait is filtering from the Rossoneri club: the negotiation has started, but it is only at the beginning and it is not complicated. Milan, however, also moves on the exit front. And Paqueta’s farewell can give you an interesting treasure.

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