Paper and pen mystery solving game “Madorica Real Estate 2 – New Property Layout Mystery -” Steam version will be delivered on February 8th. With a paper floor plan at hand, solve the mystery solo or cooperatively – AUTOMATON

On February 2nd, Gift Ten Industry will release an analog ✕ digital mystery-solving game “Madorica Real Estate 2 -The mystery of the layout of the new property-]will be released on February 8th at 17:00. The price is 2500 yen (tax included), and you can purchase it at 30% off as a release commemorative sale until February 15th.

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*Nintendo Switch version trailer

“Madorika Real Estate 2 – New Property Layout Mystery -” is a puzzle-solving game that uses the floor plan of the property. Set in a town full of dangerous properties where ghosts live, the player becomes the branch manager of the town’s only real estate agent that rents out safe properties without ghosts, and gets rid of ghosts in order to be able to rent properties.

This work contains all 20 types of stages = properties, and the floor plan data of each property is distributed on the official website. A major feature of this work is that the floor plan is actually printed on paper, and information and hints that can be found in each room of the property are written down while solving the mystery. Depending on the stage, there are cases where the riddles can be solved by folding, cutting, or rolling up the floor plan paper, and there are also riddles using sounds and colors. It takes about 30 minutes on average to clear one stage, and there are large stages that take more than an hour. You can enjoy it with friends and family as well as twist your head alone.

The riddles recorded in this work are produced by Tumbleweed, a mystery-solving game production group that is active in various fields such as real mystery-solving game events and solving riddles on TV. The game system of the previous work “Madorika Real Estate” remains the same, but it contains a mystery that can only be solved by turning your head twice and three times. The soundtrack will continue to be in charge of the previous work by Mr. Masuko Tsukasan, known for the “Megami Tensei” series. By the way, the soundtrack cassette tape of this work is sold on the official website.

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PC (Steam) version will be delivered at 17:00 on February 8th. Also, the Nintendo Switch version is currently being distributed. The floor plan used for solving the mystery isOfficial sitePDF data is distributed in.

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