Paolo Fox horoscope – week from 12 to 18 October 2020 – Forecasts for all signs

Paolo Fox’s weekly horoscope

Here, punctual as every Sunday, thehoroscope by Paolo Fox for the week from 12 to 18 October. We are about to start a new week. Which zodiac signs will be favored by the stars and which, instead, will be picked up during the next few days? If you are curious to find out, read a preview of Paolo Fox’s horoscope for next week, aimed at all the signs of the zodiac.


According to Paolo Fox’s horoscope, next week will be characterized by ups and downs. In love you should clarify any outstanding issues, so you can recover the lost harmony. Watch out for Saturday! At work the waters might move, but for the moment avoid risky moves. Try to manage your finances more carefully.


In love you will have Venus on your side, willing to protect relationships. You will have to try, however, not to tease your partner too much, avoid putting him in difficulty, especially during the next weekend. When you are with your partner, you should avoid constantly talking about work! On the working front you will have to get busy, don’t miss a single opportunity until November included, after which things will get complicated.


In love, new tensions could arise. Newborn relationships struggle to take off; those who have recently closed a story will continue to think about the past. Hold tight, soon the wheel will start turning! Pay particular attention to relationships with Sagittarius and Leo. At work, you are facing a period of adjustment that will end in December. If you run into something unexpected, don’t be mad!


Favorable days are expected for the love life. Favorable Venus will support you in your every choice: whether you decide to carry on a story or you decide to end it. Someone might feel the need to take back their space. At work you will have to deal with the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn until the end of 2020. The next year will push you to make important decisions.


According to Paolo Fox’s horoscope next week will start with the Moon in your sign and will give you a good motivation, especially in love. You will be able to get out of complex situations more easily. Be careful not to fight over the money! Beautiful moments on the horizon.


With Venus still in your sign it will be easy to find an interesting person. Long-standing couples will be able to evaluate important projects. Tuesday will be a particularly promising day, thanks to favorable Venus and the Moon. At work someone will receive a proposal not to be underestimated.

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Try to open up more to love, avoid arguments related to money! At the end of the month Venus will reach your sign and will come to give you support. The closer the end of 2020 approaches, the more chance you will have to recover. Don’t get overwhelmed by worries, even at work: very soon things will turn right!


In love you may have new uncertainties who will spoil your mood. While there will be no lack of passion, you may not feel completely satisfied, because you will need more confirmation. At work you will have to make important decisions. From Tuesday things will settle down, but be careful not to spark controversy!


As Paolo Fox’s horoscope anticipates, next week will begin with some difficulties in love. Maybe you miss your beloved freedom or you started a story without much conviction and now you have regretted it. Those who are busy will need to use caution on Wednesday and Thursday. At work it is the most suitable time to make requests: in 2021 you will receive the answers.


Venus in good appearance will give you charisma and charm. Let go of the inhibitions and let yourself go! Couples can begin evaluating ambitious projects. Caution will be needed only on Saturdays! The middle part of the week will bring you news about work.


In love you will have to arm yourself with a lot of prudence. Try not to make controversy and avoid discussions as much as you can! Perhaps you will feel the need for more understanding from your partner. Someone will have to make an important decision or have to solve a problem. The waters are moving at work, but you will only see results next year. Pay attention to expenses!


In love, you may continue to have insecurities and fears. This will apply even more to those who recently ended a relationship. If you are in a couple you will have to pay attention to possible moments of tension. At work you will have to try to keep your nervousness at bay, otherwise you risk having problems.

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