Paolo Fox horoscope – today Monday 14 September – Forecasts for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

Paolo Fox’s horoscope today

Let’s go back with thehoroscope by Paolo Fox per today Monday 14 September 2020. Here we are on Monday! A new week is about to begin: what news will the stars reserve for the first 4 zodiac signs? L’Aries should clear his mind at work, the Toro will have a somewhat confused morning. Nice energy for i Gemini, the Cancer instead he may experience some conflict at work. If you want to know more, read the following Paul Fox horoscope for today, dedicated to these signs.

Paolo Fox horoscope today Monday 14 September 2020: Aries

As Paolo Fox’s horoscope foretells today the Moon will be in harmonic aspect and will goad you so that you lighten ideas in love. You will have to figure out whether to continue your relationship as a couple or not. New opportunities are about to arrive at work to be seized!

Paolo Fox forecast today Monday 14 September 2020: Taurus

Today the Moon will be in opposition: a lot of prudence will be needed, especially in love. On the working front, the day will start a little confused, but it will recover as the hours go by.

Horoscope today Monday 14 September 2020: Gemini

As Paolo Fox’s horoscope predicts, today the Moon in your sign will give you one nice energy: use it to clarify outstanding issues. A bit of physical fatigue will emerge at work. It’s time to unplug and recharge your dead batteries!

Horoscope today Monday 14 September 2020: Cancer

According to Paolo Fox’s horoscope today, if you are experiencing a period of conflict with your partner, you could consider the possibility of terminating the relationship. Small ones may emerge at work tensions with a colleague: be cautious. Fortunately, you are regaining more confidence in your abilities and goals!

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