Paolo Bonolis tells about himself from Bortone: love for Sonia and the arrival of her grandson

Ready to return to TV to run his game show – although there are no confirmations yet – Paolo Bonolis is content for the moment to sit on the other side of the barricade: guest of Serena Bortone, he talked about himself with his heart in his hand and he also talked about Sonia Bruganelli.

Irreverent yet beloved character, Paolo Bonolis is a conductor who for years now excels at the helm of many successful programs. Yet some consider it trash: “My television is not trash” – he revealed during the last episode of Today is another day. “If any critic writes it, I understand its limit. We live in an age where speed has been deified. I show funny stories free of hypocrisy“.

However, his return to TV is highly anticipated: unfortunately, for the new episodes of Come on another one it seems we have to wait until next year. 2021 could therefore mark a new appointment with Paolo Bonolis, who in the meantime will have the opportunity to dedicate himself to the family. Only a few days ago he became a grandfather for the first time: his daughter Martina, who got married last year, has given birth little Theodore in New York, where he has lived for years.

Just because of the distance and the recent health emergency situation that also involved the United States, the conductor has not yet been able to know him: “He is small and very guanciottissimo. When I get there, he will already be graduated ”- joked Bonolis. This is a new experience for him, albeit a da father of five children has already had a lot to do with babies and children.

During the interview, Paolo let himself go to some confession about Sonia Bruganelli, his sweetheart for many years now. “Her I was struck by its aesthetics, of course, I liked it right away. She’s gorgeous. And then I was struck by his freshness and his mental speed, with which we continue to live happily, telling each other, attacking, comparing each other and forgiving each other” – has explained. And on the subject of forgiveness, Bonolis revealed: “The most important thing that Sonia has ever forgiven me? My nature, myself. He made a forfeit, took everything and decided to forgive him ”.


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