Panthers have chatted with “at least five teams” about the trade.

Carolina General Manager Scott Fitterer confirmed his team’s willingness to back down the order of picks in the first round

CHARLOTTE – The Carolina Panthers have chatted with “at least five teams“Regarding an exchange for the No. 8 selection of the first round of the Draft 2021 from NFL.

“We are very open to backtracking,” said the general manager. Scott Fitterer at his pre-draft press conference, via Zoom, along with the head coach Matt Rhule. “It just depends on how the first seven teams turn out.”

Fitterer has been consistent since it came to Carolina in January after 20 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, noting that there is usually a drop in talent after the first 15 or 19 selections. He said it is no different this year, adding that it has 16 players with first-round qualifications.

Fitterer he has also consistently spoken about the value of building a championship team like he did Seattle falling back in the draft to add additional picks.

The best possible scenario for Carolina in a setback, it would be for one or more of the five most coveted quarterbacks to go down until turn 8, because that would raise the value of the pick.

For example, if the quarterback of Ohio State, Justin Fields fell there, there could be a handful of teams like the Denver Broncos at No. 9, Philadelphia Eagles at No. 12, and New England Patriots at No. 15, willing to pay for multiple selections, perhaps a first-round pick from next year, to take that turn.

Teams with the top three picks are expected to –Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets Y San Francisco 49ers– select quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence from Clemson has been unanimously projected as the first global recruit, with Zach Wilson from BYU being projected second, and possibly Mac Jones from Alabama O Fields being third.

Trey Lance from North Dakota State He is the fifth first-round-rated passer.

“We will have to take a look at the players that will be available when we select, and how many of those players that we have identified, how much we can go down and still pick one of those players without having to go out of that first tier,” he explained Fitterer. “We don’t want to get out of a certain level of talent where there is a drop.

“We know exactly where that happens in this draft. We’ll see what the options are. We’re more than willing to listen to other teams, and if they want to offer picks and we can go back and get one of the players we want and get multiple shifts to help out. build this team, then that’s what we’ll do. “

The provision to back up the order, plus the addition of the quarterback Sam Darnold, third overall pick in the 2018 draft, through a trade with the Jets, makes it unlikely that Panthers they select a quarterback at No. 8.

The fact that Fitterer says that Panthers They have a “very strong plan” regarding to make the option valid for the fifth year of the contract of Darnold, and that this has nothing to do with the player who is drafted, it is also an indication that a quarterback will not be taken on turn 8 if Carolina stays on that site.

The plan, a league source told ESPN after what Carolina acquired Darnold, is to make the contractual option valid.

Fitterer He also said there is a plan regarding the wide receiver’s fifth-year option. DJ Moore, but did not delve into it. Teams have until May 3 to make a decision.

Fitterer said that the Panthers have had dialogue with Teddy Bridgewater, last year’s starting quarterback, who has received permission to seek a deal with another team, and his agent.

Teddy is part of our team now, “he said. Fitterer.

The Panthers have narrowed a list of several thousand to about 150 who they would consider recruiting in the Draft 2021. Fitterer Y Rhule They also feel confident that they won’t have to go overboard for a less talented player on turn 8, should they stay, based on need as they did in free agency.

His primary needs are a left tackle, pressure cornerback, wide receiver and tight end.

“We’re just going to take the best available player,” according to Fitterer. “It’s what we did in free agency.”



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