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Marcis: These are songs that we have played for many years, which we really like. I also like the audience to like it. It seemed important to document them on the album, especially since, unfortunately, both groups no longer exist.

Juris: And, for example, I find it more interesting to make cover versions of songs by underground groups than by popular groups and artists. Of course, we also have “Sprīdītis” on the first album, which is also a great piece.

Agris: Great compositions should be given a chance to live.

A little about your hit by Gacho – how did it happen?

Pound: Much easier than anyone could imagine. Gacho simply asked if a cover version of “The Girl” could be made. And we said, adhering to the basic principles of the PND, of course we can.

Juris: The basic principle is that our songs belong to the people. If anyone wants to sing, play, then do it. Gacho’s song uses the motifs of our song – partly lyrics, melody and guitar part.

Agris: Elementary, Mendelson! Call Gatis – “I want to record Girls cover, five – minute discussion “. Go! Do, write!

What kind of music does your ears play every day? Spotify?

Marcis: I was very influenced by Brother Didz’s musical tastes, and in fact I mainly listen to the playlists created by Didzis. It will be basically our and the older generation of punk rock as well as reggae, dub. Well, and old punks like Joe Stramer, Stiff Little FingersGBH.

Juris: I will probably be the most cardinal in terms of everyday music consumption, because I would rather listen to ambient, classical and electronic music on a daily basis. Of course, sometimes also punk, reggae, dub, metal, but this is secondary.

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Agris: Pancakes probably the least. It all depends on the spiritual! Lots of NYHC, in every way deznik (death metal) ar! But yesterday I listened to Roland Che’s new album.

Igijs: I don’t want to say anything specific, but my playlist could be the most variegated. I have electronic music, I have hardbass, I have hip hop, metal. The music playlist is not just chastuška. You never know what I’ll want to listen to. But I listen to podcasts every day, because I have to spend an hour on the way to and from work. For those who lack a bit of information in life to discuss at the bar counter, I recommend, for example, Art of Manlinesslots of quality info a man needs to know.

Your punk generation and the new punk generation. Very active young people. Are there any more pronounced trends and differences?

Marcis: I regret to admit that I probably don’t know the younger generation well enough to judge any trends or differences. I have the impression that the new generation is more focused on something creatively positive – museums, events. I like it very much.

Juris: I have an idea that the new generation drinks less beer. This is neither bad nor good. This is a neutral observation.

Agris: For a moment it seemed like a terrible silence, but for the last three years the young people have been out of the blue and doing good things!

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