Panic Button would like to port Valheim to the Switch

Developer Panic Button would like to develop a Nintendo Switch version of the Steam hit Valheim.

Dan Hernberg, the head of production at Panic Button, has reported against Nintendo Life. The website recently spoke with the developer, who is also responsible for the Switch version of Apex Legends.

“I’m not sure this is my pick for when I get to pick each game, but I play a lot of Valheim and I’d love to bring that to Switch.”

Valheim was developed in Unity, so a Switch version wouldn’t be out of the question. However, Panic Button has not officially confirmed a Switch edition.

Last week it turned out that Valheim has already been sold five million times. The survival game can be played alone or with two to ten players. The game takes place in a massive, procedurally generated world. You can work together as Vikings to defeat the computer-controlled enemies and survive in the tenth Norwegian world.



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