Panel Barus Responds to Kaesang Pangarep’s Invitation for Jokowi Volunteers to Join PSI

Panel Barus Responds to Kaesang Pangarep’s Invitation for Jokowi Volunteers to Join PSI


Chairman of Bapilpres Pro Jokowi or Projo, Panel Barus, responded to the question of the ‘big ship’ called Ketum PSI Kaesang Pangarep which was also used in his diction by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The panel said Kaesang meaning inviting Jokowi volunteers to join.

“Yes, maybe that means inviting Jokowi’s volunteer friends to join the ship called PSI today, that’s probably what it means,” said the Panel when contacted, Wednesday (27/9/2023).

“So perhaps what this means is an invitation to Jokowi volunteers who might be of the same mind and want to join, to be invited to join the ship,” he added.



The panel also congratulated Kaesang who has just served as Chairman of PSI. He hopes that Kaesang can change young people’s perceptions of the world of politics.

“What is certain is that I would like to say first, congratulations to Mas Kaesang on his choice of a new political path. Second, for us, Mas Kaesang’s presence in the practical national political arena, we hope that this can change political apathy among young people,” he said.

Indonesia really needs leadership regeneration among young people to pick up the golden momentum of 2045. Third, of course we support Mas Kaesang’s political steps, because this is part of his political destiny that he must pick up himself,” he added.

Previously, PSI Chairman Kaesang Pangarep delivered his first speech as chairman of the PSI DPP management. Kaesang likened himself to the captain carrying the PSI ark.

“Thank you very much, very deeply. Apart from being accepted as a member, I was also asked to be the captain of the ship called PSI,” said Kaesang during the PSI Kopdarnas at the Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta, Monday (25/9).

The son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has become Chairman of PSI replacing Giring Ganesha who is currently a member of the PSI Advisory Board. Kaesang called PSI a big ship sailing.

“If you call it a big ship, yes, but we will go there,” said Kaesang.


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