Pandora papers: shockwaves and reactions in Mexico, the United States, Pakistan and the Netherlands

The United States, Mexico, Pakistan, and the Netherlands are at the heart of the Pandora Papers. (Illustration) © AFP – LOIC VENANCE

The investigation of the “Pandora papers” splashed this week many political and economic personalities around the world. In Mexico, the government of President Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, which claims to be leftist and openly anti-liberal, undertakes to give legal action to the revelations. In the United States, just days after the publication of this survey which points to four American states as tax havens, parliamentarians are presenting new legislative proposals to fight against tax avoidance and tax evasion. In Pakistan, more than 700 important personalities were pinned, including ministers. In the Netherlands, it’s the pompom. The Minister of Finance himself, Wopke Hoekstra, is caught hand in the bag. Overview with our correspondents.



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