PANDEMIC – New York registers 702 new cases of coronavirus on the day the city reopens

The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has confirmed this Monday a total of 702 new cases of coronavirus in the territory, the day on which the homonymous city has begun phase one of its reopening plan.

Specifically, the new confirmed cases have raised the balance of COVID-19 positives in New York state to 378,799 cases. New York State has been the epicenter of the pandemic in the country hardest hit by the coronavirus in the world. So far, the United States has recorded nearly two million infections, including more than 110,000 deaths.

“Today we are turning the page on COVID-19 by reopening New York City,” Cuomo assured at a press conference. “We have not only flattened the curve, we have bent it and we have done it all based on data and facts,” continued Cuomo.

“Now we have the lowest levels (of infections) in the state since March 16, and that is why I have confidence in telling New Yorkers that we are ready to reopen,” he added, while warning that citizens cannot “neglect now” or else you will see “those numbers starting to increase.”

In this context, the state governor has announced that New York City will be able to carry out certain surgeries again and resume outpatient consultations. Meanwhile, in the state, 14 COVID-19 diagnostic testing centers have been opened, especially in churches located in communities hit hardest by the disease.

The reopening of New York City, in which a confinement order had been in effect for 78 days, has meant that workers considered non-essential in the construction and manufacturing sectors have been able to resume their work. Additionally, retail stores have reopened to pick up their products on or off the premises.

“Today, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are back at work in all five boroughs as we restart construction, manufacturing, wholesale, and nonessential retail,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated. , through his Twitter account.

In a series of messages, he has conveyed to New Yorkers that they “should be proud” that this step has been achieved thanks to “the hard work and discipline” of citizens. “We can go further if we stay with that,” he said.


De Blasio also reported on Monday that 20 miles (more than 32 kilometers) of new bus sections have been added in New York, while New York authorities have decided to increase the number of passengers on the ferry to Staten Island during the hour. travel peak, “with free social distance markers, hand sanitizer and face coverage,” he said.

“We will continue to add services as we return,” De Blasio said. “We are moving forward in New York City. Everyone should be proud. Let’s go well to the next part so we can continue to reopen this city. Stay safe, ready and we will keep coming back,” the mayor concluded.


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