Panasonic Technics’ EAH-AZ40M2: Affordable Wireless Earphones with Active Noise Canceling and LDAC Support

Panasonic Technics’ EAH-AZ40M2: Affordable Wireless Earphones with Active Noise Canceling and LDAC Support


Panasonic will release the entry model “EAH-AZ40M2” of Technics brand completely wireless earphones on October 19th. The price is an open price, and the expected in-store price is around 15,000 yen. While keeping the price down, it is equipped with active noise canceling and also supports Bluetooth’s LDAC codec. The colors are black, silver, and rose gold.

From left: rose gold, black, silver black, silver

The driver installed is a dynamic type and uses a 6mm diameter PEEK diaphragm. Equipped with the acoustic control chamber and harmonizer that are also used in the top model “EAH-AZ80/EAH-AZ60M2”. The acoustic control chamber is a mechanism that precisely controls the air flow through the driver by providing a space and adjustment ventilation holes at the rear end of the driver. It is said to be able to reproduce powerful and accurate low frequencies.

Higher-end models have a separate space from the driver, but the EAH-AZ40M2 has a module that integrates the chamber and driver in order to make it more compact.

Harmonizer is a technology that improves high-frequency characteristics by optimizing the spatial shape in front of the driver.


It has a sound mode function that allows users to customize the sound, but in previous models, even when the sound mode was turned off, the signal passed through a flat equalizer block, resulting in a slight deterioration in sound quality.

The AZ40M2 is equipped with a new mode that allows the signal to pass through the EQ block even when it is off, but suppresses deterioration of sound quality by simplifying the operation at that time.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth codec now supports LDAC in addition to SBC and AAC. Although it is a compact model, you can enjoy high-resolution music.

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Also newly equipped with active noise canceling function. Although it does not have the dual hybrid noise canceling of the higher-end models, it is said that you can immerse yourself in music in a quiet environment. In addition, the external sound capture mode has also evolved. The improved filter performance makes it easier to hear high-frequency sounds, allowing for more natural sounds to be captured.

The casing has a drop-shaped shape, following the previous model. It is designed to fit neatly into the ear hole and not interfere with earrings.

Among the color variations, rose gold is a color that blends naturally with the skin while giving an elegant impression. If the pink is too strong, it will give a girly impression, but by using a pale color with less redness, it is a color that is easy for men to choose.

It is said that a large number of color samples were made and many discussions were made before deciding on rose gold.

We are particular about the paint, and we use metal paint to give it a circular finish and metallic finish that gives it a luxurious feel, but since the touch sensor and antenna are located deep inside the faceplate, It is said that there are problems with regular painting, such as a decline in antenna performance and an increase in touch sensor malfunctions.

Therefore, by working with the paint manufacturer to adjust the indium vapor deposition and thin film, we were able to achieve a texture that would allow radio waves to pass through without sacrificing the sense of luxury.

Both the left and right sides have a glossy finish, so you can hardly tell the difference, but the left one has an aluminum vapor-deposited finish that blocks radio waves.Indium vapor deposition finish with transparency on the right side

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The antenna and touch sensor in the back are also ingenious. The faceplate has a large area and is an ideal place to place an antenna to improve connectivity, but there is a dilemma: I would like to mount the touch sensor used for operation in the same place.

Therefore, based on the plate-shaped inverted F antenna (PIFA), we developed an antenna with a unique design that can be used for both antenna and touch sensor with one wiring (patent pending). This allows the antenna and touch sensor to coexist in an ideal location, improving connection performance and achieving highly sensitive touch operations.

Multi-point connection allows connection with 3 devices. For example, if you are connected to a computer for an online meeting, connected to a tablet to watch a video, and in the meantime receive a call from a third device, your smartphone, you can answer using the AZ40M2.

Please note that due to wireless resource issues on the time axis, 3 multipoint connections and 2 multipoint connections + LDAC connection are selective. The selection is made from the app.

The smartphone app has also been updated. In addition to being able to easily turn off the earphones even without a charging case, you can now adjust the operation guidance volume and change the notification sound.

Furthermore, by setting it in advance, when you connect to a device wirelessly, it will announce whether it is a smartphone, computer, or player. This makes it easier to see what is connected when multipoint connecting three devices.

Equipped with 2 microphones and beamforming technology, you can also make calls. The packaging is plastic-free to reduce environmental impact. Earpieces in 4 sizes are also included.

The packaging is plastic-free to reduce environmental impact.

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Playback time is approximately 5.5 hours when using AAC with noise canceling on, and approximately 3.5 hours when using LDAC. If you include the charging case, it will last 18 hours or 12 hours. The earphones weigh about 5g and the charging case weighs about 35g.

listen to the sound

I listened to it for a short time, so I’d like to give you my first impressions.

I listened to songs such as “Maroon 5/Sugar” and “Seiko Matsuda/Akai Sweet Pea,” and what was immediately noticeable as an evolution was that the amount of sound information had increased significantly compared to the previous model. This is true of the evolution of the acoustic part of earphones, but the fact that deterioration when passing through the EQ block has been suppressed is also a big factor. Detailed sound descriptions such as the vocalist’s mouth movements and the way the sound of the instruments spreads into the space behind them can be heard more clearly and in detail.

Despite having such delicacy, these earphones have a solid power in the mid-low range, giving you the “fun” and “comfort of music” that you would expect from an entry model. And, its powerful mid-low range is not just a loud and swollen sound, but as mentioned above, it has high resolution and sharpness, so it is not a vulgar bass sound, and it has a very good sound. High quality.

Enjoy powerful sound with a large amount of information in a quiet space thanks to active noise canceling. It is a model that deserves attention, with a high level of ability that is hard to believe for an entry model.

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