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Pamela Jiles made news again: not because of some reform that is being discussed in parliament, but because received a funa from an actress on social networks.

The actress, Rocío Toscano, was the one who criticized the deputy for not speaking out against the controversial Alto Maipo hydroelectric project.

Since this lady is dedicated to doing show business from politics, lying, I would like to know what you have done or will do to stop Alto Maipo project, which threatens nature, fauna and the abrasive right of all citizens of Santiago“, Said the artist in stories of Instagram.

Along these lines, the interpreter continued to hit the parliamentarian hard. “A lot of people, a lot of people, but when Santiago runs out of water, is he going to give his people water?“, pointed.

The actress continued her role as Pamela Jiles

That was not all, because Toscano He did not stop criticizing the activist of the Green Ecologist Party on the aforementioned platform.

Do not be fooled by those you see on the networks or TV, search the internet for the projects in which the politicians who represent you are engaged. Like her, many lie and manipulate information, and claim to be, and are nothing“, he claimed.

Nevertheless, Jiles answered the actress’s funeral. “What is Rocío Toscano looking for by lying so crudely? It shows only a little that the electoral campaign will begin in a few weeks“, He expressed.

To which the actress replied: “I love how she loves show business. That was not invented by me, I took it from the page of the chamber (of deputies) Is it supposed to be official information not“.

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