Pamela Anderson surprised with tribute to “Baywatch”

Actress Pamela Anderson (55) surprised when she appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of her new Netflix documentary “Pamela, a love story”. The 55-year-old was wearing a red, tight-fitting dress. Which is probably a tribute to his character in “Baywatch”, Casey Jean “CJ” Parker.

Therefore the marriage ended

Anderson and her “Baywatch” co-stars wore red swimsuits during the popular TV series from the 90s.

Now the 55-year-old is being praised for the outfit by the fans.

SURVIVED: Pamela Anderson was one of the biggest in the 90s and 2000s. Since then, she has been pretty quiet about all the scandals that happened in and around her life at the time. In a new Netflix documentary, she tells everything. Video: Netflix
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– Gorgeous

Anderson’s stylist, Rebecca Ramsey, was one of those who shared a photo of the “Baywatch” star from the premiere on her Instagram.

“So lovely. Love that you pay tribute to the red swimsuit!”, writes a follower under the photo.

Foto: Richard Shotwell/AP/NTB

Foto: Richard Shotwell/AP/NTB
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“She didn’t just invent red. She invented the word ICON”, writes another, while a third adds:

«I actually have no words! Iconic is an understatement!!!»

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– First time

Together on the red carpet were sons Brandon Thomas Lee (26) and Dylan Jagger Lee (25), whom she shares with ex-husband Tommy Lee (60).

Her eldest son is also a producer for the documentary, which premiered on January 31. In the official trailer for “Pamela, a love story”, Anderson candidly shared what it was like to relive the trauma of the sextape scandal with her ex-husband, after the series “Pam & Tommy” premiered last year.

Røper celebrity triangle

Røper celebrity triangle

– I blocked the stolen sex tape out of my life to survive, and now that it all comes to the surface again, I feel bad, she says in the clip and adds:

– I want to take control of the story, for the first time, she said at the time.

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