Palmeiras submits 36 times against Sport and breaks record of chances created in a game in Brasileirão | palm trees

O palm trees broke the record for chances created by a team in a single match in this Brasileirão during the victory over Sport by 2-1, not Allianz Parque. Abel Ferreira’s team submitted 36 times towards goalkeeper Maílson’s goal.

Of these 36, 16 were out, 13 were saved and five were blocked, in addition to the two goals. Until then, Santos was the holder of this record, with 29 submissions in the defeat by Atlético-GO by 1-0, according to data from Espião Estatístico.

More chances created in a game

Time Match Team submissions
palm trees 2 x 1 Sport palm trees 36
Santos Santos 0 x 1 Atlético-GO 29
strength Ceará 3 x 1 Fortaleza 28
palm trees Palm trees 0 x 2 Cuiabá 27
Athletico-PR Athletico-PR 2 x 1 Youth 26
America-MG America-MG 2 x 1 Palm Trees 26

Verdão often presents difficulties to face closed teams, especially when they leave behind the scoreboard. This was the plot of the defeat by Cuiabá and the draw with Juventude. In both cases, Palmeiras took the first goal in the opening minutes, as happened against Sport.

The upsets have been rare this season alviverde: this Monday was only the fourth. The others came against Guarani, in Paulistão, as well as América-MG and Bahia in the first round of Brasileirão.

Palmeiras won the Sport of a comeback after creating 36 chances — Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

For Abel, the performance against Sport counters those who define Palmeiras as a defensive team.

– We, with the ball, have to be more offensive, create, reach the last third and do things, not just for having the ball. And that’s what we did. Today we finished 36 times, it shows a lot the aggressiveness and mental attitude of the team, which contradicts some who want to catalog our team as one that defends. No, it’s a balanced team. Perceive the opponent who faces and play what the game leaves, dictates. Today our players were perfect, especially on the mental side. Too bad it was only for two goals, it could have been more – he pondered.

Vice-leader of Brasileirão with 49 points, Palmeiras has the fourth best attack in the competition, with 42 goals scored in 28 matches. Flamengo (47), Atlético-MG (44) and Red Bull Bragantino (44) are the only ones ahead in the category.

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