Palestinian Gaza has its first taxi. The mother of five children carries women and business fulfills the birth Curiosities

Gaza Njl ab Dubahov started a small revolution in Gaza, Palestine, this week – she got in her car and became the first taxi in this conservative Muslim environment. Rno also finished, covered her clothes with a veil, put on a veil, and headed for the car parked in front of the house. She put the phone in the dashboard rack and started it. For the form of a mole, she blew the trumpet and went to work, the AFP agency describes the arrest of the working day from Dubahov.

The car of the nine-year-old mother of five children set off on a road covered with shiny asphalt and braked mounds. Ab Dubahov works for the two million Psma Gaza, which has been ruled for 13 years by the radical Hams movement, promoting a conservative society.

Although women have the same car as the first to drive a car, the taxiing profession has been a great affair so far. In the dog bred for a long time by the Israeli blockade, a colonel of 19 inhabitants was unemployed before the covid-19 epidemics.

I once talked to a female girl who is a cadence and asked her. What would you say if we started a taxi club for women? She replied that it was just an idea for Dubahov, who is a social worker. Npad mon len, but smart.

Ab Dubahov did not take days for pedestrians to try to get their attention. She decided to promise mru. Don’t cross the street. I will go out and pick up clients to take them, for example, from the cadence to the wedding party, he explains.

She used her father’s ddictv to build the car. I thought that you had to get something out of that car, let it work, so the idea was born to provide a taxi club exclusively for women, explains Njl.

Te mk Aje Salmov, who is a twenty-seven-year-old customer who is about to buy. We live in a conservative society, and when I found out that there was a special tax service for women, I felt liberated, Salm’s hard dress in a dark brown neck and shrouded in bovine development. She also has a handbag and a modern handbag. When I go with a woman, ctm clings. I’m single, we can talk, k.

According to the nmsk taxisluba, the Dmsk taxisluba is in accordance with the Islamic law of Ara, on its deposit Hams d Psmo Gaza. It is different on the other Palestinian country, the West Bank, where Palestinian rule is self-righteous. Salmov is satisfied and hopes that even a female taxi will ride in the dog soon.

Njl m in the mind of his business development. Recently, a woman called me and said that she would like to work with me like a taxi. I replied that let’s talk about it. I feel that this service will grow, to Njl.

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