Palembang City Government is Optimistic that 100 Percent of Residents Have Been Vaccination against Covid-19 at the End of the Year – The Palembang City Government is optimistic that the target of 100 percent Covid-19 vaccination is achieved by the end of this year. This can be seen from the high enthusiasm of the community towards the program.

Deputy Mayor of Palembang, Fitrianti Agustinda, said that vaccinations were continuously carried out in all sub-districts, both at the Puskesmas and other health facilities. The supply of vaccines so far is still sufficient so as to facilitate implementation.

“We continue to boost vaccinations, all sub-districts are moving, puskesmas always provide vaccinations, not to mention in other health facilities,” he said in Palembang, Wednesday (20/10).

He explained that every time a mass vaccination was held there was a high spike in the targeted participants. Residents from the morning visited the vaccination site but did not cause a crowd because it was arranged in such a way.

“The people of Palembang are aware that vaccines are important, they are very enthusiastic. We are sure that by the end of the year we will achieve 100 percent of the target,” he said.

Even though they have been vaccinated, Fitrianti appealed to residents to continue to apply health protocols in a disciplined manner. This is to make Palembang a green zone for the spread of the corona virus.

“For residents who experience problems while being vaccinated, such as data collection problems, report them immediately so that they can be handled quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Health of the Palembang Health Service, Mirza Susanti, explained that the realization of vaccines in Palembang was relatively high. The first dose is more than 50 percent of the target of 1,250,000 recipients and the second dose is in the 30s.

“Only vaccinations for the elderly are low, only 25 percent of the target of 180 thousand people and 10 percent of teenagers from 192,000 people targeted,” he concluded. [fik]



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