Palamara “removed” from the judiciary. The disciplinary process closed at the CSM

ROME – Luca Palamara is out of the judiciary. For him there is the “removal”, the most severe penalty provided by disciplinary justice. The lay and professional judges of the disciplinary section decided this at the CSM after three hours in the council chamber. The defense had asked for acquittal or just two years of suspension pending the sentence of the Perugia trial in which the former president of the ANM (2008-2012), former councilor of the CSM (2014-2018), but above all powerful leader of Unicost, the current center of the robes, is accused of corruption.

Palamara has renounced the latest statements in front of the college which he had also announced that he wanted to make. “My lawyer was very good, that’s enough” they heard him say. While, for the Attorney General of the Cassation, the accusations were confirmed by the deputy attorney general Simone Perelli who with the advocate general Pietro Gaeta certainly did not discount Palamara, whose behavior was defined as “unheard of gravity”. The defender of Palamara, the councilor of Cassation Stefano Giaime Guizzi, asked that the disciplinary ruling be not “a political sentence”, but on the merits of the facts.

Palamara was in the courtroom at the time of the verdict read by the president of the college Fulvio Gigliotti, a layman of M5S. He did not make any statements, but announced that he will speak at 4 pm from the headquarters of Radio Radicale which has followed all the hearings of the trial by giving the live broadcast.

The facts are those of the evening at the Champagne hotel, on May 8, 2019, when Palamara meets with Luca Lotti, a deputy of the Democratic Party, and Cosimo Maria Ferri, also a deputy of the Democratic Party at that time then spent with Renzi. With them there are also five councilors of the CSM, Luigi Spina and Gianluigi Morlini of Unicost (the second chairman of the commission for executive positions), Corrado Cartoni, Antonio Lepre and Paolo Criscuoli, of the independent judiciary. A Trojan issued by the Perugia prosecutor records all conversations. And he reveals that, according to the prosecutor of the Cassation, the goal was to have Marcello Viola, who was and still is attorney general in Florence, appointed as head of the prosecutor of Rome. To the detriment of the other competitors, Giuseppe Creazzo procurator of Florence and Franco Lo Voi head of the Palermo prosecutor. But the strategy also aimed to put the “right men” at the top of the Perugia prosecutor’s office, and finally to de-legitimize the deputy prosecutor of Rome Paolo Ielo.


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