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royaltyKing Charles III of England will not be crowned on June 3. The palace responded to speculations from the Bloomberg news agency, which kept that rumor alive. “Nothing is certain yet, these are just rumors”, it seems.

However, June 3 would not have been an illogical date. Almost seventy years will have passed since her mother, Elizabeth II, was crowned in 1953 (June 2). She was therefore officially the monarch for over a year after the death of her father George VI in February 1952. Last June 3 was also the culmination of the celebrations for Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. Her son will be the oldest man to be crowned king in the country at the age of 74 next year. He is officially king since Elizabeth’s death on 8 September.

Nothing has been officially released on the plan yet, and apparently it will stay that way for a while.

The coronation ceremony is expected to be more modest than the ceremonies of 1953, when more than 8,000 guests from around the world came to Westminster Abbey in London for Elizabeth’s coronation. Today’s safety regulations don’t allow that many people in the historic building, but around 2,000 guests. In addition, Elizabeth was queen of a world empire that no longer exists due to the independence of many states. She also became queen of, for example, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and South Africa.

Scepter and staff

The day of Charles’ coronation, just before the start of summer, should become the culmination of celebrations that will last several days. According to Bloomberg sources, the authorities are still not sure which days will be public holidays and therefore public holidays in the next year. The royal family remains silent for the moment.

Charles III will sit on a throne with scepter and staff during his coronation in Westminster Abbey and is anointed and blessed by the clergy. So he should wear the crown of St. Edward on his head. It weighs more than 2.3 kilos and is made up mainly of gold and many precious stones. The crown was already used for an English king Charles, Charles II in 1661.


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