Paiva acknowledges a bad game and projects reinforcements to the team

Bahia needed to win the classic against Vitória to get closer to the G4 of the Copa do Nordeste. But the tricolor only drew 1-1 at Fonte Nova, and saw the place in the quarterfinals become even further away. After the final whistle, coach Renato Paiva recognized the team’s bad start, and the difficulty of producing against the rival.

“Vitoria came up with a strategy not to lose, to bet on our mistake. We didn’t play a good game. Especially in the first 15 minutes, our construction was deficient (…) We conceded a goal at the start, with a dead ball in our favor we conceded the goal. From then on we went after the loss, we improved throughout the first half, but without being brilliant”, he said.

“We expected a better response, but there wasn’t, there was a lack of discernment for our game, and Vitória closed well. They found a goal basically fallen from the sky and became more comfortable”, completed the coach.

It was yet another result far from expected in the toughest duels of the Northeast Cup. The only triumph of Renato Paiva’s team in the regional was against Atlético de Alagoinhas, a Série D club. Serie B) and Fortaleza (Serie A).

The situation worries fans for the Premier League dispute. Paiva, however, minimized it, and projected a more peaceful future with new reinforcements.

“When we reach the beginning of the Brazilian, there will certainly be three or four or five experienced players here. The level will rise (…) We have to go looking. I want good, experienced players. If they have to reach the last market week, that they arrive in the last week of the market. I want them to arrive. What we are doing is improving a team that still does not have conditions to return in Serie A”.

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