Painful Images: Director Forgets Microphone And Crashes Famous Actor During Zoom Audition


Auditioning through Zoom can be quite awkward at times. The actor experienced that Lukas Gage, known from the hit series, among others Euphoria in Love, Victor, recently in person. Gage shared a video in which a director does not realize that his microphone is still on and starts making nasty comments.

Things can get tough and boring in Hollywood at times. Emerging Hollywood star Lukas Gage (25) recently auditioned for an unknown project. Due to the corona crisis, that audition took place via the video calling platform Zoom, which is now known to everyone. And that not everyone is equally handy with that technique, as the director for whom Gage auditioned proved.

The director in question, whose identity is not (yet) known, had forgotten to turn off his microphone and then began to piss Gage’s apartment. “These poor people live in these little apartments … When I look like this, I see a background and I have a TV“the director told an assistant.

It didn’t take long for Gage to intervene. “Yes, I know it’s a horrible apartment. That’s why you should also give me this job so I can afford a better place“replied the actor, who then asked if he could start.

The director was of course very embarrassed – albeit after a long, awkward silence – to his blunder and apologized. But Gage probably didn’t get the part and decided to share the images on the internet after all. It brought him a lot of support and acclaim.

And although the name of the director in question is unknown, among colleagues of Gage there is a suspicion of who the British voice is. “If he’s who I think he is, then he’s a real bastard too“someone responded too.


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