Paid Rp 800 billion at Real Madrid, Mbappe Can ‘Snack’ Alphard Every Day


Kylian Mbappe is rumored to be joining Real Madrid next season. The Spanish club is reportedly also ready to pay Mbappe with a high value. What are the details like?

The news of Mbappe moving to Real Madrid has been hotly discussed lately. Even a number of rumors say, the salary value that Mbappe wants has been approved by the management of Los Blancos.

Of course, the French footballer will get an exorbitant salary. Mbappe is rumored to be getting paid 50 million euros or the equivalent of IDR 804 billion per year. That’s a pretty big number considering he’s still 23 years old.

But naturally, the Paris Saint-Germain star has also received a big salary. Even so, he is still reluctant to extend his contract at PSG which will expire at the end of the 2022 season and Real Madrid is believed to be his next destination.

The calculations about Mbappe’s salary which is predicted to be received at IDR 804 billion per year, in detail Mbappe will receive a salary of IDR 67 billion per month. In more detail, he will receive a salary of Rp. 15.4 billion per week. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

In a day, Mbappe can get around IDR 2.2 billion. Then if it is calculated per hour, you will get Rp. 90 million, and Real Madrid pays Rp. 1.5 million every minute.

This fantastic salary allows Mbappe to buy anything he wants, including vehicles. Want to buy a Toyota Alphard? Mbappe only needs to wait for one day and be able to take home the luxury MPV, and even get the rest of the change.

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Or Mbappe wants to buy a Yamaha Nmax motorcycle, he only needs to wait for an hour and the money collected can buy the automatic scooter. In fact, Mbappe can buy three units at once if he wants.

Mbappe of course can also buy a luxury car that is stored in his garage. For example, Mbappe wants to buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom to take to the training ground, it only takes him a month to buy one unit of the luxury sedan whose current price reaches Rp. 24 billion.

Exorbitant Salaries, Mbappe Car Collection Dominated by Vans

If Mbappe officially joins Real Madrid with such a high salary value, it is not impossible that Mbappe can buy the luxury vehicle he wants. However, so far Mbappe is not a fan of luxury car collections like European football stars.

Reporting from the YouTube channel Cars For You, Mbappe has at least three cars that are neatly stored in his garage. However, the car is dominated by the type of van.

First there is the Volkswagen Multivan, the car is currently priced at US$ 30,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 431 million. Of course, this car does not offer qualified performance but is more focused on passenger comfort.

Then there is the Mercedes-Benz V Class, this 7-seater van type car, the selling price starts from US $ 81,000 or equivalent to Rp 1.1 billion. There is nothing special about the kitchen spur, only equipped with a 2.1 L engine capable of producing 211 hp.

Not only the type of van, Mbappe also has a Volkswagen Tiguan in his garage. This 7-seater SUV carries a 1.4 L engine capable of producing 150 hp. Currently the Volkswagen Tiguan is sold at a price of around Rp. 650 million.

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