Pages, Numbers and Keynote: new features on iOS and macOS, including YouTube integration


The word processor and the spreadsheet both gain the ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into the document. We can also add ” easily titles and subtitles to images, videos, figures and other objects ».

Pages also allows the importation of iBooks Author books to be able to work on them, while Numbers introduces new functions, including XRECHERCHE, XEQUIV and EXP.REG.

Keynote also retrieves several functions, including “Launch the slideshow in a window” to access other applications during a presentation. You can also continue to play a video during several slides. Just add the same content on each affected slide.

In addition to adding titles and subtitles to the content, Keynote can now “Align on path” so that objects remain oriented in the right direction while following the path of the animation.

The new versions are available on iOS and macOS, in their respective application store.

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