Page Doctor reveals interesting information Thailand has a chance of developing “COVID-19” wave 3

3. Data from 3 countries: Post-event period 2, after Ripple 3 is average, 4-6 weeks.

4. It is important to note that Ripple 3 has many times more cases than Ripple 1 and 2, possibly 1-10 times.

5. Thailand predicts we will pass a new wave (wave 2) should be around the middle or the end of February.

6. And if we fall card In which most people in the country cooperate with good faith Not likely to happen 3

7. Thailand, we will have 3 ripples, the cause is probably not different from Ripple 1 and new (Ripple 2) is the public consciousness of some people. Only reiterate some groups, such as ghost gambling house, ghost warehouse, ghost smuggling foreigners into town.

8. During this time, the case of Samut Sakhon is still worrisome There are more than 10,000 factories. Approximately 4,000 proactive screening plants are actively seeking aggressively. Encouraging staff

9. Domestic cases start to stand down. We began to loosen measures Well, this time we experienced the first lockdown, the economy was in a bad way, the unemployed, stressed out, lack of income, the second wave had to weigh the number of cases and the economy.
Thailand, we case total 13,000, divided into the first wave, about 5,000 new waves since December 18, the past 1 month, 8,000 deaths were found in the first wave, 60 new waves, 13, a total of 73 cases.

10. We do not want a ripple 3. We do not want a case that touches the main level half a hundred thousand or hundred thousand. We do not want a single death case. We are now at the end of the second tunnel and close to the tunnel. The only thing that can pass through the tunnel is Consciousness, people in the nation + card, do not fall, wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance.

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The Thailand team is as good as any country in the world. We are ready to hold hands together to stand at the end of the tunnel to look at the beautiful light we hurt, we bruised together. We will stand with everyone. Not even one person left in the tunnel.

The information from the Infectious fan page is easy.


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