Pafik International Sports Marketing signs 3-year cooperation contract with CAA, making Pan Wenhui first CAA player in Taiwan

Pan Wenhui became the first CAA player in Taiwan. (Provided by Pafik Sports Agency)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Comprehensive Report]Pafik International Sports Marketing signed a 3-year cooperation contract with the top three brokerage companies in the United States “Creative Artists Agency (CAA)”. Serve.

Pafik International Sports Marketing was established in 2012, in view of the developed sports industry and perfect system in the United States. The founder has lived in the United States for many years. With his passion for baseball and the resources accumulated over the years in the American professional baseball industry, he hopes to provide better care for Taiwanese players.

CAA is a brokerage company that combines sports and performing arts brokerage. It spans the four major professional sports and performing arts circles in North America. It plays a pivotal role in the sports and entertainment industry. Its baseball department brokers players include Otani Shohei, Philadelphia Phillies Turner (Trea Turner) And Realmuto (JT Realmuto), Corbin Carroll (Corbin Carroll), a Taiwanese-American player who was previously recruited by the national team for the classics, is also their client.

Pan Wenhui, who is currently playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, is the first Taiwanese player in this cooperation. During his stay in the United States, CAA will provide the players with the most timely and comprehensive services, whether it is on-court equipment, training needs, or off-court marketing. Through this cooperation, we will introduce a more complete sports agency service to Taiwanese players. In the future, the players under Pafik International Sports Marketing will be able to shine on the court without any worries during their stay in the United States.

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Chen Mingju, General Manager of Pafik International Sports Marketing, said that for many years, he has been looking for partners in the United States with the mentality of preferring the lack of abuse, hoping to provide better care for Taiwanese athletes who have left their hometowns.

The representative of CAA said that he is very excited and looking forward to this cooperation. He is very happy to meet Pan Wenhui and spend more time with him. He is a very good player, and he is looking forward to and optimistic about the future cooperation and development. This Taiwan-U.S. cooperation is two-way. Pafik will also continue to look for available soldiers in the CAA roster, and introduce Taiwan to become the mainstay of the vocational teams. On behalf of CAA customers such as Otani Xiangping and others, he will negotiate with Taiwanese manufacturers. The opportunity to form an alliance with other industries hopes to bring more sparks to Taiwan’s sports industry.

Pan Wenhui became the first CAA player in Taiwan. (Provided by Pafik Sports Agency)

Pan Wenhui became the first CAA player in Taiwan. (Provided by Pafik Sports Agency)

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