Pafbet LAT-EST: “VEF Rīga” strengthens in leaders, “Liepāja” pulls out victory in Valmiera, “Ogre” wins over LU

In the game of the leading team of the Latvian-Estonian league on Saturday, October 17, “VEF Rīga” beat the BC Ventspils team (96:93), but “Valmiera Glass VIA” lost the BC “Liepāja” (86:88). On Sunday, “University of Latvia” lost BC “Ogre” (67:78).

Next games on Saturday, October 24: BC “Ogre” – BC “Liepāja”, BC “Ventspils” – “Valmiera Glass VIA”, “VEF Rīga” – “University of Latvia”. Until December 6, teams will play only within their own country. Live statistics: Participants urge viewers to unconditionally abide by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

“VEF Rīga” (4-0) – BC “Ventspils” (3-1) 96:93 (33:22, 60:52, 82:71)

The people of Riga have become the only leaders, but they have left unanswered questions about the possibilities to successfully start in the Champions League as well.

“VEF Rīga” started this season in a traditionally fast and energetic style, until `12. a minute demonstrating enviable performance and accumulating considerable advantage (41:25). However, the whole game did not have enough power, patience and accuracy. Ventspils residents increasingly found weak points in the champions’ defense, reducing the difference in the result. In the 27th minute – 69:65, in the 36th minute – only 88:86, half a minute before the end – 96:93. The intrigue would be even more intense if the basketball players of BC “Ventspils” threw the penalties more precisely (in the last minutes Andrejs Šeļakovs and Kristaps Medis on both 2/8, in the whole game “VEF Rīga” 19/21, for Ventspils 27/44).

The people of Riga protected the victory, but they draw attention to several columns in the statistics: “VEF Rīga” lost in the fight against the baskets (30-41) and all too often gave the opponents the opportunity to throw penalties (luckily that Ventspils did not use their opportunities this time).

Aigars Šķēle scored 21 points, Mārcis Vītols 16, Aleksandrs Madsens 13 points.

Ventspils residents have another great game for Maris Gulbis (31 points), Arturs Ausejs 23, Cameron Randls 18.

“Valmiera Glass VIA” (1-3) – BC “Liepāja” (2-2) 86:88 (19:14. 45:49, 65:64)

Exciting storylines all over 40 minutes with last minute resolution.

The people of Valmiera spent the whole game a bit more stable, and were in the lead for a longer time than their opponents. However, “Liepāja” managed two great breakthroughs. First at the end of the first half, when the result rose from 38:35 in a short time to 38:48. And the decisive in the last four minutes, when 81:86 came out of the seemingly safe advantage of the home team (81:71).

“Liepāja” was superior in the fight against the baskets (31-42), made less mistakes (19-14), attacked more effectively from afar (9/26 – 10/22) and threw penalties more often (7/15 – 18/29). On the other hand, Valmiera had a predominance in the efficiency of two-point shots (26/35 – 20/46).

For the winners Guntis Sīpoliņš scored 20 points and won 12 balls, Roberts Bērziņš 12 points, Iļja Gromovs scored 11 points and won 12 balls, Renārs Birkāns scored 11 points and made 6 assists, Dāvis Geks 10.

Valmiera team Edmunds Elksnis scored 22 points and made 16 (!) Assists, Valters Vēveris scored 19 points, Jānis Engers 13, Klāvs Dubults 10 points.

“University of Latvia” (0-4) – BC “Ogre” (2-2) 67:78 (13:20, 36:41, 47:62)

“Ogrei” dominance throughout the game, however, the decisive advantage was secured only in the second half, from 41:40 (22nd minute) to 71:49 (32nd).

Winners are dominated by three-pointers (4/22 0 11/37) and free throws () 11/19 – 21/27). The University of Latvia was not saved by even the most effective action in the penalty area (paragraphs 36-18).

“University of Latvia” Kārlis Žunda scored 22 points, Anrijs Miška 11 (both with 6 rebounds).

Andre Vokers scored 15 points in favor of BC “Ogre”, Kaspars Bērziņš 12.


In the Estonian team mini-tournament, Parnu Sadam won the third victory in three games, beating Avis Utilitas Rapla with 86:79. For the winners Linards Jaunzems scored 11 points and won 6 balls, Lauris Blaus 7 + 8. For Rapla team Roberts Freimanis scored 10 points and won 12 balls. The captains of both teams are Latvians – Blaus and Freimanis, respectively.

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