Pafbet LAT-EST: Saturday vice-champion duel in Ogre and champions against Valmiera

On Saturday, October 10, Pafbet will play in the third round of the Latvian-Estonian league at 2 pm BC “Ogre” – BC “Ventspils” (Pafbet LAT-EST YouTube live), at 5 pm “VEF Rīga” – “Valmiera Glass VIA” (Best4sport Live TV). The first game will also be played by Estonian teams (“Taltech” – Parnu Sadam “). On Sunday at 17:30 at the Elektrum Olympic Center, “University of Latvia” – BC “Liepāja” will play. Until December 6, teams will play only within their own country. Live statistics: Participants urge viewers to unconditionally abide by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

14.00 BC “Ogre” (1-1) – BC “Ventspils” (2-0): Pafbet LAT-EST YouTube

Principal duel. Last year, Ogre ousted Ventspils from the Latvian flagship duo, but as the season ended without a knockout tournament, Ventspils residents have not accepted such changes in the ranking table.

At the beginning of the new season, “Ogre” after an unconditional capitulation in its field against “VEF Rīga” (63:81) convincingly won in Valmiera (86:67). In the first matches, the most experienced and best was the most experienced – Kaspars Bērziņš (on average 15 points and 11 rebounds).

Also in Ventspils at the beginning of the season, the hottest is the most experienced – without Maris Gulbis points (on average 31 in each game!), There would probably be no victory in Liepaja and possibly also in Ventspils against the “University of Latvia”. But now the numbers 92:91 and 91:85 are entered in the table – the team has started the season successfully and is going to Ogri in a determined mood.

5 pm “VEF Rīga” – “Valmiera Glass VIA”: Best4sport TV

The champions started the season very powerfully, destroying “Ogri” (81:63) and “Liepāja” (104: 63). The fast and attractive basketball will go to the fans of the heart, while the opponents will be forced to break their heads, how to slow down the speed of the Rigans? In the first matches for Aigars Skele and Kail Alman by 14.5 points.

The people of Valmiera started with a convincing victory over the “University of Latvia” (70:85), however, they were unable to create intrigue in their fight with “Ogri” (67:86). The main “puller” of the team is Edmunds Elksnis (15.5 + 10 assists), the king of the last passes of the league last season, Ervīns Jonāts (15 + 8 atl.)

Sunday at 17:30 “University of Latvia” (0-2) – BC “Liepāja” (0-2): Pafbet LAT-EST YouTube

Fight for the first victory.

“University of Latvia” after a slow run (70:85) on a trip in Ventspils did not give the hosts peace until the last minute (85:91). Kārlis Žunds 13.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 6.5 passes, Nikolai Zotov and Reinis Avotiņš 12 points each. Others can also play, but everyone has yet to learn to win.

In the first game, Liepāja players lost the victory against “Ventspils” (91:92), but in Riga they unconditionally capitulated in front of “VEF Rīga” (63: 104). Ilya Gromov (18 + 7.5 atl.) Was effective and efficient, however, his contribution largely depends on the support of partners. Robert Bērziņš plays an average of 13 points.

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