Paetrua is busy with COVID-addicted women. Spread the disease Caused a surge of 8 patients

Eight Riew card dropped, COVID-19 came to visit, and 8 cases of COVID-19 were found, accumulating 26 cases, and villagers worried about the screening line after an 18-year-old woman was infected and came to work at a famous department store in Chachoengsao. Before it spreads to flea markets, restaurants and public places. Without confinement

On Jan. 14, 64 after the COVID-19 operation center. Chachoengsao Province Today, the number of COVID-19 cases has been released. Highest since the outbreak With a total of 8 new infections, Chachoengsao Province has a cumulative total of 26 cases, 9 of which have been cured, and 17 are still being treated in Chachoengsao Hospital.

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8 new cases were found divided into voluntary public examination. At health officials in Chachoengsao Province Open to people who are expected to be at risk That touch or may touch Come in for free testing After a previous case of COVID-19 infection At Robinson Department Store, Chachoengsao in the number 16, 17 and 18 of the province, which makes there a risk group / people exposed Continuously traveling in for screening Area of ​​the Tetrahedron Pavilion In front of Chachoengsao City Hall After the results were released, people with COVID-19 were found. From yesterday’s examination, up to 6 cases / and the other one was voluntarily examined at Phutthasothon Hospital, walk in ARI clinic and the last one. Is a Cambodian accused The case of stabbing a fellow countryman died in the area of ​​Bang Pakong District But was detained at the screening point, the first detention received prisoners in Chachoengsao Central Prison Before the new eight cases of COVID-19 were brought into the hospital treatment process. In Chachoengsao Province

The risk points that were found from these 8 cases were Robinson Department Store, Chachoengsao, Bo Bua Fresh Market, and the flea market next to Big C 2 Department Store, where the patients were collected into districts at present, Muang Chachoengsao District, 12 cases, Bang Pakong District, 8 cases and Ban Pho District 6 cases, with 5,663 inspectors who met the criteria for surveillance, 5,545 cases were detected, and 92 were waiting for the results.

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