Padre de Valença challenges the faithful to create ″ a hymn of hope ″

The parish priest Ricardo Esteves de Valença launched this Friday on his Facebook page a challenge to the faithful to write texts with the word ‘hope’, in order to create a hymn. The idea that he called “Home challenge” appeals to the creativity of followers “from around the world”.

“The challenge is this: each one of you is challenged to write a text, whether in verse, with rhyme or without rhyme or in prose, but the fundamental thing is the message you want to leave to your friends, to the world, whose theme it is up to each one, as long as the message is one of HOPE “, says Ricardo Esteves, stating that” the challenge starts today until the 27th of this month “.

According to the parish priest “of all the messages sent to this email, the 3 most appealing ones will be selected, which will be delivered to 3 musical groups that will compose a song and create it on video”.

And then the faithful themselves will be the music and message they like best. “The most voted video will be chosen by you to be the anthem of this historic landmark in the history of our lives and the world. And the winning song will be played over this time on local radio stations that will accept it as a challenge”, priest, concluding: “Do not waste time, start writing your messages now, let your imagination run wild and let your heart echo. Send your texts to my email: [email protected]”.



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