Paddington Bears for Queen Elizabeth Donated to Vulnerable Children | Royal family

Teddy bears that were deposited in British royal buildings after Queen Elizabeth’s death will be donated to charity. Paddington Bears and other soft toys go to an institution for vulnerable children.

The bears will go to Barnardo’s, a charity that works for vulnerable children, Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday night. The soft toys will be professionally cleaned and brought to the organization in the coming weeks. They are more than a thousand pieces.

In June, the British queen and Paddington the bear made a video that went viral. The bear and the queen drank a cup of tea together before the Platinum Party, a grand concert celebrating Elizabeth’s 70th birthday.

In the video, Paddington thanked the queen for everything. “He’s very nice,” he replied. Shortly after the Queen’s death, Paddington thanked her again. “Thank you ma’am, for everything,” the bear tweeted.

As a result of this video, many people have placed a Paddington bear and jam sandwich – well known from the Paddington tales – at the Royal Elizabeth Memorial Buildings. Buckingham Palace invited the British to rather lay flowers.

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