Padang is Targeted to be Free of Rabies by 2030, 2,500 Pets Inject Vaccines – The Padang City Government (Pemko) targets the area to be free of rabies by 2030. One of the efforts to achieve this is by injecting vaccines into three types of pets, namely dogs, cats and monkeys.

“The rabies vaccination is aimed at realizing the city of Padang is free of rabies by 2030,” said Head of the Padang City Agriculture Office, Syahrial Kamat in Padang, Thursday (7/10).

He explained that his party is targeting to be able to vaccinate around 2,500 pets in the city of Padang until the end of 2021. “Alhamdulillah, 60 percent of the 2,500 animals that we have targeted have been vaccinated,” explained Syahrial.

The Padang City Office Center focuses on vaccinating animals in the Agus Salim Sports Center area, Padang. “That (animal vaccination) we do every week. We have prepared about 520 vaccines, then 300 vaccines have been absorbed,” explained Syahrial.

Meanwhile, his party appealed to the public, especially those who keep the three types of animals, immediately vaccinate their pets.

“This rabies vaccine is our anticipation to prevent rabies. Hopefully with these efforts we can make Padang City free of rabies in 2030,” closed Syahrial. [yan]



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