PachiMarzi introduces a fresh game mode and exciting challenges!

Our beloved onion onion alien, Pachimari, is back with his own event! Pachimari is the cuddly and cuddly collectible plush that we see in Hanamura’s arcade hook machines. He logs into Overwatch 2 and completes the event challenges to get Pachimari cosmetics. And don’t forget to play the new Arcade mode that features Pachimari as the protagonist!

It’s time for Atrapamari!

Kicking off PachiMarzi with a bang, we’re introducing Overwatch 2’s new 3v3 KO game mode, Trapamari. Like Team Deathmatch, teams will cooperate to stay alive and defeat their rivals; every time there is a kill, it will drop a toy Pachimari. The team that got the drop must pick up the Pachimari to get a point. If the opponent catches it first, it will prevent the other team from scoring points!

It will be a fast-paced adventure packed with Pachis across arena maps: Blizzard World, Kanezaka, and Downtown Busan, plus a new event-themed Hanamura distribution. And all of this brought to you by Pachimari’s number one fan, Roadhog!

Get adorable Pachi cosmetics!

During the event, you will have the opportunity to get new cosmetics by playing Marijuana Catch, in addition to non-competitive, competitive or Arcade game modes. Among these cosmetics are Pachimari icons representing your favorite Overwatch heroes, a Pachimari card, and a very mischievous weapon charm.

Complete six of the event challenges and you’ll get the temporarily returning Roadhog Epic Pachimari skin, plus a whopping 80,000 XP for your Season 3 Battle Pass; The Overwatch 2 event with the most XP to date! Hurry and grab these collectibles before the event ends on April 4.

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Log in during the PachiMarzi event to receive a very special player icon: Hogimari for free! If you’re looking to level up your Season 3 Battle Pass, you’re in luck, because we’re having another Double XP weekend starting Friday, March 24. We hope to see you in the game! May you catch many Pachis!

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