Pacheta: “I can’t be downcast; my players work like animals” | Radio Elche | Present

The coach of Elche Football Club, Pacheta, has appeared in a telematic press conference to comment on this end of authentic madness in the Second Division. Eleven games in just over five weeks, and in the case of the people of Elche, could be more if they qualify for promotion.

After a less than brilliant restart with a 1-1 draw against him Estremadura at Martinez Valero, the franjiverde coach assures before the trip to Ponferrada that “we have already passed the duel. It is true that we were not very precise, but I have no reason to feel sorry because my players work like animals.”

Elche will play again this Monday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m. in The Toralín ante la S.D. Ponferradina. The franjiverde expedition will travel by plane the same Monday at 10.15 am from the Alicante-Elche Airport. After the meeting, the people of Elche will spend the night at the AC Ponferrada Hotel and will return by plane on Tuesday morning.

Pacheta has the losses due to sanction of Oscar Gil and due to injury to Tekio, Víctor Rodríguez, Jonathas de Jesús and the canterano Gerard Barri. However, he recovers the pivot Manuel Sanchez and to the extreme Fidel Chaves, both free of sanction. Also, Nino and Iván Sánchez They have improved from their annoyances and may be holders in Bercian lands.

The only headache for the coach will be improvising a right-back, since Óscar Gil and Tekio have taken leave at the same time. One of the options is to place a changed leg on one of the left-handed sides, Juan Cruz or Andoni López, or bet on a defense with three centrals. “We have players to cover that demarcation with guarantees,” Pacheta commented.

Regarding the youth debut Diego Bri against Extremadura, the coach explained that “the kid Bri does very interesting things, the same as Nacho Pastor. Ions can also debut and Mourad it is working fine. I am happy with the youth players. The guys who earn the respect of the dressing room will have their options to play. “

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