Pacers commented live at 10 p.m .: Devin Booker vs TJ Warren, the winner will automatically be MVP of the season

Ding dong, guess who’s back. Since the resumption of the NBA, it is a pleasure to chain aperitifs and comment on the most attractive posters. And tonight there is a beautiful one. The Suns of Devin Booker on one side, the Pacers of TJ Warren on the other, it’s to be experienced live between enthusiasts.

When we took a look at the schedule for the NBA recovery when it was released, the Suns – Pacers of August 6 did not really stand out. But that was before TJ Warren became the best player in the world and Devin Booker became the daddy of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Because yes, these two are a hit in the Florida bubble and their respective teams as well. Magical at the moment as shown by his buzzer of madness against the Clippers, Booker allowed Phoenix to win three victories in as many games, while Warren also guided Indiana to three successes by stringing together the big offensive cards. So yes, we could not miss it, and we invite you to meet tonight on the YouTube channel of TrashTalk for this XXL duel.

Suns – Pacers commented live from 9.45pm, it’s this way

The appointment is made, we will get well! So prepare everything you need before tonight to have fun.

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