Pablo Lyle case: How does probation work in the actor’s sentence in the US?

Actor Pablo Lyle will have to spend years in a Florida state prison, although he will later be released on probation. What does it mean?

Pablo Lyle was sentenced to 13 years: 5 in prison and later 8 in conditional freedom after being accused of involuntary manslaughter for a road incident in Miami in 2019 that caused the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban citizen.

The Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez denied the request of the Mexican actor’s legal team to set aside or conduct another trialbut did not give maximum sentence of 15 years which he was facing. Also, you will have to do 100 hours of community service and attend conflict resolution classes.

Lyle yours 30 days to appeal after the court argued that the evidence showed violence acting out of character and not instinct, so by not considering him a future threat and having no evidence of violence in his record, it granted him the benefit of fulfilling the last part of his sentence out of prison.

What does parole in the US entail?

According to the Gallardo Law Firm, a manslaughter is a federal and state felony. The Criminal Code establishes guidelines for granting probation, which is nothing more than the provisional release of a person who has paid their sentence –or part of it– in prison, for which reason they will continue to be supervised. Some of them are the following cases:

  • Accused in the third degree of their criminal treatment
  • Defendants who served three quarters of their sentence
  • Defendants with good conduct (a report from surveillance experts who consider that they are fit to rejoin social life).
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Due to the fact that the established period is still on trial, if the probation were to come to an end, violated would have serious consequences like going back to prison, an extra sentence could even be established to serve.

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