P50 series of Huawei mobile phone chips are rumored to be released as soon as the end of March-Hong Kong unwire.hk

Huawei’s sanctions by the United States did not hinder its determination to continue to develop its mobile phone business. According to a quote from the report, Huawei has not given up on the development of its mobile phone business so far, and some mobile phone mobile processors are still saved, which are expected to be equipped in future models such as P50 and Mate50.

According to reports, Huawei’s future P50 is expected to be equipped with a Kirin 9000E processor, while Huawei’s P50 Pro and Pro+ are equipped with a Kirin 9000 processor and a 120Hz+2K resolution AMOLED screen. The camera is designed with a 4-lens architecture. The lens maintains 50 million pixels. The Chinese local version of the Huawei P50 series will be pre-installed with the Hongmeng OS system at the factory, while the overseas version will continue to be pre-installed with the EMUI system.It is expected that Huawei’s P50 series of mobile phones will continue to feature “fashionable appearance” and “photographing” as their two main selling points, and will be released at the end of March and early April 2021. The price will be similar to that of the previous generation of Huawei’s P40 series mobile phones in order to win continued support from consumers.

The news also pointed out that Huawei’s other flagship mobile phone, the Mate 50, will also be equipped with a Kirin 9000 processor and built-in 5500mAh high-capacity battery. At the same time, Mate 50 will support Huawei’s unique 66W super fast charging technology and add super water cooling technology for faster performance.

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source:Science and Technology News

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