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P. Marinakis: The penalties for those who destroy property will not be suspended – 2024-02-26 07:46:40

“We are a few weeks before a historic reform for public universities, because 70% of this law concerns public universities, their empowerment, their financing, their strengthening, their partnership with large foreign universities, the freedoms that they get, requests, that the rectors throughout time, the councils of rectors and the students have put to the state and the state now listens to them. And of course the establishment of non-state university branches.

In this context the known unknowns who are becoming less and less, students inside or outside quotation marks, mainly inside quotation marks, decided with “that’s what I want» in some schools – a third of the schools, while at one time this would happen to all – to occupy. Where the authorities were called, they intervened. And obviously where it was deemed operational by the authorities, the corresponding intervention was made”, emphasized the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and government representative Pavlos Marinakis in his interview on REAL FM with the journalist Yiannis Papagiannis, commenting on last night’s incidents at the AUTH.

“Let the implementation of the law not be news”

“However, there were also cases, to put it bluntly, when the authorities were unfortunately not called. I am not the judge who will evaluate it. What I will say is that we must reach the point in any interview, in any discussion, that the application of the law is not news. And let me tell you something. None of us really want the police to intervene in universities.

But alas, if we get to the point of legalizing – and we will not do it again what was happening before ’19 – illegal acts and people who have destroyed the universities” he added underlining that it is self-evident that arrests should be made.

He pointed out that with the new institutional framework “these people, who destroy property – that is, yours, ours, everyone’s, the trouble with the taxes of the Greek taxpayers – will no longer have their sentences suspended. They will be brought to justice and if found guilty, will serve a large portion of their sentence in prison. So they will think about it five or ten times more when, instead of sitting down to do something serious in their lives, they go to destroy the property of their fellow citizens or even public property belonging to the Greek taxpayer”.

The objectives of the new Penal Code

Mr. Marinakis underlined that the government is making an even fairer and even more comprehensive change to many provisions of the criminal code and the code of criminal procedure, which have three goals. “Such as the tightening of penalties, not exterminating, but fair.

The second is that the sentences should be real, that is, not to listen to twenty years, and the other should stay inside for ten years, but stay much longer. And if he is released earlier, this should not be automatic, but should be judged by the Judicial Council, based on his personality, whether he has repented, from his behavior.

And the third, many interventions for faster delivery of Justice. At the same time, there are also many provisions which are in favor of the victims in proceedings of domestic violence, crimes against sexual freedom and others”.

He also added that until now, when the convicted person completed, either for life, twenty years, or fifteen years a number provided by the law, he was practically automatically released from prison with the so-called parole, that is, the remainder of his sentence was also released he did it out of prison on parole. “Now, this “automatically”this “automatically“, is done after a judgment of the Judicial Council.

That is, when someone, for example, reaches the age of eighteen and the law gives him the possibility to apply for parole, it does not mean that he will receive it as before, automatically, but the Judicial Council will judge, the competent Council will judge if it meets a number of conditions. That is, if he has repented, if he has shown good behavior, if his release from prison may pose some danger and the like. This is the big change in the specific part of the new criminal code,” he said.

Finally, the government representative, after saying that the ND congress will take place in a few weeks, which, as he said, will have a pre-election nature, of principles and positions, said that the European ballot will be announced in April.

Source: RES-MPE

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