Oximeters began to be bought, people were afraid of experiencing happy hypoxia

ZONAUTARA.com – Oxygen saturation detector or oximeter is in demand on the market. In some countries, people are starting to buy one of these medical devices.

In pharmacies and medical equipment stores, oximeter in various brands, it is sold at a price range of Rp. 200 thousand to Rp. 800 thousand.

Oximeters are now sought after because of problems happy hypoxia syndrome. Symptoms happy hypoxia is busy being discussed both on social media and through the news.

Happy hypoxia is a condition in which the oxygen level in a person’s body is very low but the patient looks conscious and healthy. This condition of minimal oxygen levels is associated with cases in sufferers covid-19.

Of the various cases reported, patients experienced happy hypoxia, his oxygen saturation drops to 70 percent, but he remains conscious.

Until now, it is still being investigated what happy hypoxia is a symptom that commonly occurs in corona patients or not. In Indonesia, it is not known exactly how many positive patients Crown who experience these symptoms.

Expert from the Department of Pulmonology and Respiration Medicine, FKUI Faisal Yunus explained one of the causes hypoxia are the blood vessels to the brain contract and dilate, so the brain doesn’t receive the signals that the body is experiencing hypoxia.

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“The path (oxygen) to the brain is disrupted. The brain cannot respond because there is no signal. There is also a theory that there is a clot in the blood, so that circulation is blocked and its saturation worsens. There are many causes, “said Faisal Lokadata.id (02/9/2020), quoted from Lokadata.id.

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Normally, the ability of hemoglobin to bind oxygen (commonly called oxygen saturation) can reach 95 to 100 percent. Under certain conditions, the body can tolerate up to 92 percent. But under that, in general, the body will experience organ failure until death.

“Well, there are several cases of corona when the oxygen saturation drops to 70 percent, the patient remains conscious. Normally people would not be aware, the heart must be pumping very fast. But this is an ordinary organ, ”added Faisal.

According to the research journal The Pathologist of ‘Happy’ Hypoxemia in Covid-19 which was published on July 28, 2020, it was stated, in the early days of corona patients experiencing hypoxia, the lungs can work properly, without airway resistance, so there is no shortness of breath.

However, respiratory failure can occur suddenly so that the patient suddenly breathes rapidly and excessively. This is an important sign of respiratory failure experienced by corona patients.

Because it cannot be detected without tools, patients with hypoxia known after the patient is admitted to the hospital. According to Griffith University epidemiologist Dicky Budiman, there are several cases happy hypoxia that occurs in people without symptoms.

“Corona patients who experience it hypoxia high risk of complications. They must immediately be given oxygen and monitored, “said Dicky.

Condition happy hypoxia can be detected with an oximeter. That is why people began to invade this test kit. It is similar to when the thermogun is sought after by many people.

According to an article for Wexner Medical Center, sales of oximeters are also soaring in the United States as people panic and scramble to buy them.

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According to the Chief Medical Officer of the American Lung Association, Albert Rizzo, the oximeter cannot be used as a primary indicator self-diagnosis corona. He said it was possible that oxygen levels had decreased due to other factors. Diagnosis of a disease cannot be known from one tool without the help of doctors and medical personnel.

According to Dicky, the ones who should buy an oximeter are primary health facilities such as puskesmas, not the community. “This will add information and data on the patient’s condition during the examination,” he said.

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