Owner of the Paßora gold house sentenced to compensation in the PIM gold scandal

Almost exactly a year after the scandal surrounding dubious gold deals at PIM Gold GmbH was exposed, there are consequences for the major broker from Leipzig.

The owner of the (former) gold house Paßora at Augustusplatz 1 in Leipzig, Ms. Angelika Nicole Paßora, was sentenced to pay damages. The Leipzig Regional Court (LG Leipzig, judgment of 23.10.2020, Az. 04 O 3008/19) regards it as proven that Ms. Paßora brokered supposed gold at overpriced prices that ultimately did not even exist. The now ended proceedings at the Leipzig Regional Court are pilot proceedings by the law firm Schiller & Gloistein from Bremen.

Mr. Gloistein explains: “We know that there are a large number of damaged customers of Ms. Paßora’s gold house who initially wanted to wait for the pilot process. We also know that Ms. Paßora has earned very well in recent years and is therefore quite solvent.

Our clients had invested more than 10,000.00 euros in trust in Ms. Paßora’s statements and also concluded a Kindergold savings plan for the offspring. Ms. Paßora now has to repay the investment amount to our clients as compensation. “

Mrs. Paßora had defended herself in court by saying that it was not her but a company called Hochzeitshaus Leipzig Ltd. & Co. KG brokered the gold investments of the fraud company PIM Gold. With this attempt to evade responsibility, however, the defendant failed in court.

Lawyer Gloistein explains: “Ms. Paßora had only ever advertised the Paßora gold house with her as the owner in all the media. It is therefore only to be welcomed that Mrs. Paßora failed in her attempt to evade responsibility for her actions. The wedding house Leipzig Ltd., registered in England. & Co. KG was already dissolved at the end of last year after the PIM gold scandal broke out, so that nothing more could have been obtained there.

This is now the next success in the processing of the PIM-Gold scandal by the law firm Schiller & Gloistein. Because already in July we won a judgment against the mastermind of PIM Gold GmbH, Mr. Mesut Pazarci, before the district court Darmstadt for damaged PIM-Gold investors.

Both judgments are not yet final. But against the background of the large number of violations that Ms. Paßora can be accused of, we assume that this judgment will become final.

However, what makes you think is the fact that Ms. Paßora simply continues in the same place under a different name.

By brokering gold products, Ms. Paßora has caused millions of dollars in damage to a large number of investors. Ms. Paßora then simply closed the Goldhaus Paßora and now opened the Goldhaus Leipzig with Mr. Enrico Neumann at the same address. Only a new manager was “installed”.

“Goldhaus Leipzig GmbH is based in the heart of Leipzig and is your professional contact for all matters relating to the purchase and sale of precious metals. Benefit from our 29 years of experience in the field of jewelry and precious metal trading.“

(Those: https://goldhaus-leipzig.de/unser-haus/)

The defendant continues at the same point completely unabashedly and again offers absolutely safe “gold investments, which offer its customers the following (supposed) advantages:

Immediate transfer of ownership of the raw materials to the customer

– Absolutely safe storage in a high-security safe

– Purchase exclusively from certified refineries according to the London Good Delivery Standard

– Control of storage by trustees (6-eyes principle)

– Annual audit report by an independent auditor (approved by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Art. 21 WPRG)

– The transport to you is insured

– Your inventory is insured against theft

– All precious metals are physically acquired and stored. The precious metals are in a High security safe of a Liechtenstein security company stored.

(Those: https://goldhaus-leipzig.de/edelmetalldepot/)

Instead of PIM Gold, the “new business model” means that investors’ gold holdings are stored in high-security vaults in Liechtenstein. It goes without saying that the gold stocks are regularly checked by auditors there (as is allegedly also the case with PIM). It is obvious that there is a certain probability that the next investment scandal is imminent in the not too distant future, in which many Leipzig residents may lose their money again. Because, in our opinion, the new business model is also completely implausible from an economic point of view and the control (of gold stocks) in the Principality of Liechtenstein is inadequate.


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