Owner of América de Cali spoke out against those who affect the tranquility of football: “May they never enter a stadium again”

Tulio Gómez, forceful against those who generate disorders in football: “May they never enter a stadium again” / (Futbolete)

In the midst of the difficulties to find a venue, on behalf of the violent fans, this Sunday Cali America finally made the local official in his match against Millionaires at the Romelio Martínez stadium in Barranquilla. The duel, one of the classics of Colombian football, opened the home run B in the BetPlay League 2021-II and generated some controversy for being played behind closed doors.

After that, the largest shareholder of the American club, Tulio Alberto Gómez Giraldo, began the management to ensure that his team can have an audience in the rest of the commitments of the semifinal phase of the contest. What’s more, the businessman has always expressed his interest in the team achieving the objectives set and aiming for one more degree at the end of the year.

That is why, after the scarlet team achieved an important victory against the ambassadors, Gómez spoke on his social networks and expressed his annoyance with the fans who generate disorders in the stadiums, since it was the main problem to find a stadium in the recent match, since the Pascual Guerrero Stadium in Cali cannot be used.

It should be remembered that everything is due to the fact that some supporters of the Caleño team have been involved in disorders inside and outside the sports venues, a fact for which several cities refused to lend their stadiums to receive them.

Thus, The American manager spoke out on his official networks and left a clear message to those who are damaging the team’s image with violent acts. According to the shareholder, if the violence in the stadiums does not end, football will end in a while.

Similarly, Gómez also pointed out that people who do not know how to behave inside a stadium should not re-enter, because all they do is affect the show.

In each game, approximately 10,000 barristas accompany and encourage La Mecha, but a few are only going to generate violence, it is urgent that the bars self-purify, expel and denounce these individuals, otherwise they will all be classified as vandals and the doors will be closed. everywhere, in addition to the damage to our America de Cali“, wrote.

Tulio Gómez, forceful against those who generate disorders in football:
Tulio Gómez, forceful against those who generate disorders in football: “Never again enter a stadium” / TWITTER SCREEN CAPTURE


In the most anticipated match of the first day of the home runs, played at the Romelio Martínez Stadium, Cali America beat 2-1 to Millionaires and showed that he has how to fight for the title of the BetPlay League 2021 II.

The first 45 minutes of the commitment were not what the fans of both teams expected: there were few goal arrivals, since it was played in the first and second quarters of the court. For the attackers it was almost impossible to reach the rival area given the solidity of the tactical schemes devised by both Juan Carlos Osorio and Alberto Gamero.

Millionaires, for example, had five attempts at goal, but none of them were a direct shot on target. Meanwhile, America freaked out thanks to a mid-range shot from Jeison Lucumí, his most destabilizing player this November 28.

It was only in the second part that the commitment began to open up. In the 55th minute, the scoreboard was unbalanced. After a cross from the left wing, Macalister Silva He headed, Joel Graterol saved and, on the rebound, the Albiazul captain sent the ball to the back of the net. It is worrying that Maca has come out with a physical discomfort.

In the 83rd minute, in a corner kick, defender Andrés Murillo made a hand inside the small area for which Roldán decreed a penalty. The one who charged from 12 steps to score the tying goal was the captain Adrian Ramos, the goalkeeper of the capital squad had nothing to do.

When it was believed that the game would end like this, América de Cali hit a bump: a consequence of a bad start by Esteban Ruiz, with the goal at his mercy Joao Rodriguez put the 2-1. It happened in the 88th minute.


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