Owl accuses insufficiently fast decision-making in raising the level of welfare for seniors – Latvia – News

According to Agnese Vārpiņa, Adviser to the Minister for Communication and Public Relations, Pūce will participate in an external meeting of the Board of the Latvian Pensioners’ Federation (LPF) in Talsi to discuss issues relevant to seniors.

The Minister points out that support for seniors is also an important aspect in the context of administrative-territorial reform. One of the main goals of the local government reform is to act in the interests of all Latvians so that they can receive quality services regardless of their place of residence. The current health care and social assistance services for seniors must be of high quality and accessible, at a reasonable cost.

“Insufficient pensions, quality and affordable health care, loneliness and social exclusion are the biggest problems facing Latvian seniors. Everyone knows this clearly, because we each have seniors in our family who face very similar issues that have hurt for years. Of course, those responsible for the field – both those entrusted with the political leadership of the Ministry of Welfare (MoW) now and in the past – could also make decisions faster and more purposefully, “says Pūce.

Today, an external meeting of the LPF Board will take place in Talsi, Aija Barča, the Chairwoman of the LPF Board, informed LETA. It is expected that the LPF Board will hear and question Pūce and the Ministers of Welfare Ramon Petravičs (KPV LV) during the external meeting.

“We will question the ministers about both the administrative-territorial reform and the social security system, including the offer to increase the pension base,” said Barča.

It has already been reported that in response to the case initiated by the Constitutional Court, it is proposed to increase the old-age pension base to 163 euros instead of the current 80 euros, Petraviča told the media last week.

In turn, persons with disabilities of the third group are offered to increase the base of this support mechanism to 163 euros instead of the current 80 euros. Meanwhile, the second group of disabled people is expected to increase their pensions to 228 euros instead of the current 112 euros, while the first – 260.80 euros instead of the current 128 euros.

The proposal of the Ministry of Welfare also includes a plan to increase the pension base for persons with a third group disability from childhood to 191 euros instead of the existing 122.69 euros, as well as a person with a second group disability from childhood pension to 267.47 euros for the current 171.77 euros. It is also planned to increase the number of persons with a disability of the first group since childhood pension to 305.60 euros, which would ensure an increase of 109.30 euros relative to the current amount – 196.30 euros.

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