Ovid Launches Olympia: ‘Let them realize that I needed a little more opportunity’ – Ten

Ovid Lance, former striker of the merengues ranks, became the black sheep of the whites, after scoring the goal of the tie, with which Olympia lost the first place of the laps.

This was the goal of Ovidio Lanza to Olimpia at the National Stadium

“That point helps us to be in the fight, I think we are always there, no matter the position, we are in the five and the idea is to be in the fight in the pentagonal,” said the battering ram Lifetime.

Spear He was happy to dial again in the National League. “Thank God glad to score after a tournament, I am grateful for the Life that gave me the opportunity to go play and this goal represents something very important. Adding out to the biggest team in Honduras. Tegucigalpa is difficult to play for the weather”.

On the fact of marking his former team. “The law of the ex always happens. I am happy for the goal and more to do it to the team that I was before and there they give realize that I needed a little more opportunity. Happy for the tie and the effort of the teammates. “

Review the table of pocisiones after the tie of Olympia against Life

The striker still has six months of contract left in Olympia, but expects to have continuity with the reds. “The intention is to grab a bit of rhythm because I was almost a tournament stopped and here I am playing minutes and each one is valuable. I hope to make the most of it.”

Eventual return to Albo

Spear It is clear about a possible return to the lion. “It is something very complex because there is capacity to fight a place up, I was just waiting for an opportunity, but I was given very little. One is professional and is due to the team where it is.”

The reaction of Pedro Troglio after drawing against Life at home

In terms of its performance. “What matters to score goals and try to do things right. Already on Wednesday we have a game against Real Sociedad and we can not miss points. We must win to consolidate.”



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